Quote #2

A book is just like a life. A soul. Many memories are embraced in it. Memories of people; memories of thoughts and actions; memories of likes and dislikes. Many people have remained alive for ages through their writings. They have put their soul in it. I love to read those souls for my own ego, self-improvement and pleasure.

– March 12, 2012

Like fragrance, love is always simple, calm, pleasant, appealing and desirable ; though sometimes we can never possess the one who spreads it.

– October 25, 2011

Sometimes I can’t figure out what is more difficult? To love someone you hate or to hate someone you love.

– August 17, 2011

Memories are always forgettable and fade away with time; but worst part is that whenever you attempt to forget, they advance towards eternity!

– June 29, 2011

It doesn’t matter howmuch you know a person and that one’s life but one truth is that there is always a hidden part that you can’t see!

– May 6, 2011

Wondering why people use religion as a reason for killing other people in spite of knowing that… Religion is only a path for searching God; not for sending people to God..!

– May 2, 2011

I abominate life because of it’s regrets, enemies and the situations that I can’t face; but that rancour of life is overlooked by me when I evoke it’s happiness, my strength to face the problems and the most valuables like friends.

– February 11,2011

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