Translation of Documents

zu fremdsprachigen Dokumenten

“Alle fremdsprachigen Dokumente und Urkunden müssen von einer in Deutschland gerichtlich ermächtigten Person übersetzt sein. Eine Liste der gerichtlich ermächtigten Übersetzer gibt es beim Amtsgericht. Bei im Ausland übersetzten Dokumenten muss die Richtigkeit der Übersetzung durch die Deutsche Botschaft bestätigt werden.Ich bitte zu beachten, dass jeder Übersetzung eines fremdsprachigen Dokumentes das fremdsprachige Dokument angeheftet werden muss.Der gerichtlich ermächtigte Übersetzer sollte auf der Übersetzung bescheinigen, vom Original übersetzt zu haben.”
– Bezirksregierung Köln

Documents must be translated from authorized translator in Germany.

(If they are translated from India mostly they are not accepted in Germany. If you want to use translation done in India, the documents should be again validated at German Embassy. I don’t know the whole process!! But to make everything simple; I would recommend to translate documents in Germany from proper authorized translator.)

Here is a contact of translator, who translated my documents.


translator contact

I had sent an email with my contact details and documents that required to be translated. Depending on numbers of documents and work required to be done, I had received a reply with amount I needed to pay.
I was ready to pay the amount asked; so I agreed with him for further procedure of payment.
Payment is possible online or via banking services.
After translation and rechecking the documents, he has already sent two sets of translated and attested documents via registered post.

Whole process time took around 20 days for me.

Contacts of other translators..
Frau Escote
22607 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 40 855 09823

Tra­du­set Über­set­zungs­büro &
Dol­met­scher­dienst, Bahrenfeld-Groß Flott­bek. Hamburg

Steen­kamp 9 d
22607 Ham­burg
Tel.: 040 368 44 225
Wir bit­ten um Vor­an­mel­dung, tele­fo­nisch oder via E-Mail.

Tra­du­set Über­set­zungs­büro, Uhlen­horst. Hamburg

Win­ter­hu­der Weg 29
22085 Ham­burg
Tel.: 040 368 44 225
Wir bit­ten um Vor­an­mel­dung, tele­fo­nisch oder via E-Mail.

Tra­du­set Über­set­zungs­büro &
Dol­met­scher­dienst, Berlin-Mitte

Bor­sig­strasse 9
10115 Ber­lin
Tel.: 030 217 828 81
Wir bit­ten um Vor­an­mel­dung, tele­fo­nisch oder via E-Mail.

Tra­du­set Über­set­zungs­büro &
Dol­met­scher­dienst, München

ab Novem­ber 2015!

Franz-Joseph-Str. 11
80801 München

Büro: Bhattacharja, Gutschmidtstr. 12 A, D-12359 Berlin
Postanschrift: G. Bhattacharja, PF: 470205, D-12311 Berlin
Telefon: 0049-30-6021204
Fax: 0049-30-66622189
Funk: 0049-171-6813360
E-Mail: und

H. Tavernaro
Staatl. gepr. Übersetzerin
Öffentlich bestellte und beeidigte Urkundenübersetzerin
der engl. / franz. / span. und deutschen Sprache
Mitglied des BDÜ, VVU und DSV (Deutsch-Spanischer Lehrerverband)
Pelikanstr. 34
D-70378 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/536 07 17

—>> If you are in Germany it does not matter where you are. Just email all documents . each line has a price between 1.75-2.5. That’s how they calculate.

—>>Ask for beglaubigte Übersetzung kopie…With xerox copy (photocopy) of original English document sealed at last, along with translation… (now you can use this translated German document, just like an original English document…)
—>>ask for quotes from 3-4 people… Take the one that is more suitable to you

Thanks to Madhulika Jhunjhunwala and Khasim for help…

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  1. Harshal


    I haven’t translated my documents yet nor have I got them legalised from Embassy in India. I’m in Germany now.

    1. Is it possible that I translate them here in Germany with beglaubigt Copy and submit directly with the application, without any Legalisation from the embassy in India?


    2. Do I need to get them legalised first from the embassy in India, before doing the translation(in Germany)?

    3. Do we need beglaubigt copy of both original and translated documents or only the translated ones?

    The whole thing is very confusing and I dont know what to do. What is the best way which I should go for?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. 1) Do not waste time to legalise these documents now. If it will be required, the responsible Regierung will do it. You don’t have to do it. And you can not until it’s approved for a specific reason by German government or court.

      2)Translate the documents first and then do the Beglaubigung.

      3) You need to submit a beglaubigt copy of original and a beglaubigt copy of translated documents. If it will be required, Legalisation will be done by them. But I would advise, not to ask for it. As not all Regierung waste time on Legalisation. Some accept directly.

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