Salary structure for doctors in Germany 2015-2018

Salary Structure for Doctors 2016-2018

Salary structure
Gültig vom 1. April 2015 bis 31. März 2016


salary 2016

Für Ärztinnen und Ärzte im Geltungsbereich des TV – Ärzte

How salary is calculated?


calculation salary

Entgeltgruppe I, Stufe 1

gehaltsreporter de 2015-09-30 21-34-20

Salary with all details 2014

  • Salary written above gives a general idea about structure. It is different in University clinics and other Hospitals. Below link gives info about that. (It may change few euros higher/lower.)

Tarifverträge für Ärzte


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  1. Thank you for this information, please can you tell us about the night shift premium for a specialist in Germany?

    • Dr. Tejas Ghetia

      No… I am not working at present….

      But if it comes to my knowledge… I will update information…

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