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” Hospitation is a praktikum(internship) for doctors. If i remember well, formally you are not allowed to do medical acts and you should only observe and do things under the direct supervision of a doctor. In practice, a lot depends on what the clinic and the people there are like. Some clinics are relaxed about that and if they see you have experience, they will let you exercise more initiative. Others won’t. On the first day you will be told what to expect. In any case, all that is unofficial, medical acts are performed by fully Approbiert doctors who also have the responsibility for them. Some patients feel uneasy when a student performs something on them.

Many hospitals provide free accommodation in a dormitory for the duration of the Hospitation.

Having done a Hospitation will distinguish you from other foreign applicants who haven’t. however German graduates spend the last year of their studies doing a structured praktisches jahr. so u wont be on par with them.”

– by northtraveller on Toytown Germany


How to apply for a clinical attachment (Eine Hospitation) in Germany?

How to read reviews of the hospital you are going to do your clinical attachment (Hospitation) in? Or even your residency?

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