Job Seeker Visa – Why and when?


This post will discuss a job seeker visa and process. I have experienced problems due to visa and wasted my months in turmoil and waiting.

Job Seeker and other national visa

When can I apply for jobseeker visa?

If you have already completed B2 level of the German language from India… and want to do Hospitation in Germany.. Or give Fachsprachenprüfung… And search a job in Germany… Job seeker visa is the best option.

Why Job-Seeker?

  • If you want to go to Germany via Schengen visa, you will have to return after 3 months. There are chances that your Schengen visa can be extended in Germany (chances only for those who are going with Sprachkurs or Medizinkurs; not for Besuch or Business Schengen visa), and some people have done it. But it often happens that people has to return due to failure to extend Schengen visa. (I had to return.)
    I don’t recommend going via Schengen Visa; if you want to complete a course or language, take Student visa, if Job Seeker doesn’t fit for you.
  • Like student visa, you don’t require to pay any money to Language institutes or any Medical institutes.
  • You don’t require any invitation letter from any Hospitals or Firms.
  • You don’t require Berufserlaubnis.
  • When you receive job; your visa gets converted to a residence permit.
    “Please note that you will not be allowed to take up employment with a job-seeker visa. Your visa will, however, be changed to a residence permit for employment in Germany, once you have found adequate employment.”
  • Some states in Germany takes more time to authenticate your documents (Legalisation) because they send your documents to India, and German Consulate or embassy in India authenticates them from its origin via Lawyers. All this process takes 4-6 months sometimes and you have to wait for Berufserlaubnis in Germany. If you end up getting a job in one of those then job-seeker can save your time.
    If you go via Job-seeker visa your you have to pay required fees according to your region but your documents get authenticated/verified/legalised before you reach Germany. (Documents needs to be authenticated as Indian apostille is not valid in Germany.)

Problems with Job-seeker visa

  • can only be received after minimum B2 level of Language
  • Requires all your documents and recognized degree
  • Don’t know if it can be extended. As long as I know, it’s only for six months. If you can’t find any job within that period, you may have to return. (Or you may contact consulate or embassy regarding the rules for extension of visa.)
  • You can not work with this visa. Side jobs (Nebenjobs) or Probezeit jobs may not be allowed. (Not sure… please confirm from your consulate or embassy)
  • Some consulates take more time for Jobseeker visa. So it would be better to ask for timing required for the visa. Delhi Embassy takes around 1 month to 2 months most of the time. (Timing varies according to documents and their origin too.)



  • Sometimes it may be necessary for you to stay more than 6 months in Germany, although you have B2 certificate. Maybe you want to complete any language course or medical course and after that, you want to search a job. This makes job-seeker visa unsuitable for you.
  • I am not responsible for any visa procedure or outcome. What is written here is according to my experiences; you may have to choose according to your requirements. Information written here can not be used as a truth or proof anywhere.

Next post will discuss the documents required for job-seeker visa.

Job Seeker visa – Preparing Application

(If you have more information, Please provide via comments or email.)

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  2. hello i have cleared b2 level german language . i got hospitation invitation for 3 months only. so i am planning to apply for job searching visa for 6 months to do hospitation and job searching process.what are the documents required for job searching visa? . kindly give me suggestions and do the need full .thank you

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  4. Hello Tejas, Thank you for all the information you provide. I am Mohit (MSc. bioinformatics)
    do i need to study german and clear any exam ??

    because on the website it is not mentioned kindly confirm.. my interview date is 15 sept16

  5. thanks for quick reply… Tejas i don’t have birth certificate and will it be a big issue ??

    • Yes, it can be an issue… But not sure… Anyway you will need it in Germany… It’s easy to get… Contact your nearest place where it can be issued… And ask there… But I know that you require to show some identities to get it… Like passport.. Ask there

  6. Thanks Tejas, not in my case i am afraid have to travel 600 kms for it now 🙁

  7. Hi Dr.
    Í have a question do you ever heard someone that gets any luck with the jobseeker visa?

    I have marketing studies and a master in management, I was reading across the internet and all the professions I saw are enginiers or else.

    I´m from mexico and I want to apply for this visa.

  8. Hello,
    My name is Franswa.i am a btech mechanical engineer.I have a work experience of 2 years and 6 months.I am having B2 certificate in German language.I am planning to apply for job seeker visa for Germany.I have a sponcer in Germany.He prepared “verpflichtungserklärung”certificate for all my stay and expence in Germany.I have a doubt.whether i need blocked account of arround 6500€?In the consulate site it is mentioned that any one prrof for accomodation is required.Either “verpflichtungserklärung”vertificate or bank account.Thanks for your patience and thanks in advance for your reply

  9. Hello Tejas,

    Is the German language certificate is mandatory.
    I dont have german language certification with me.

    Can I apply for Jobseekers visa and go further.


  10. Hi Tejas,

    I am a software engineer and I was looking for information on Job Seeker Visa and came through your website. I must say, I got almost all information from there. Thanks a lot brother.

    I have 2 questions. During visa interview, do they take the interview in English or German ?
    And, within how many days one must travel, once someone get the visa ?

    And Thanks again .

    • Thank you.

      English. and some basic into in German. Also depends upon the language level that you have.

      Travel dates.
      You can decide the date after receiving visa too.
      But you may have to give dates at the time of application too. Depends upon consulates and Embassy where you apply. better to ask it there. At Delhi German Embassy, I had given dates at the time of application and then changed it at the time of stamping of visa.

      With greetings
      Tejas Ghetia

  11. Hi Tejas,

    I wanted to know that to apply for job seeker visa is it compulsory to have B2 level certification.

    I am still learning german and i am doing A1 and A2 level.

    • I would never recommend applying for Jobseeker visa before B1 level even if you are an engineer. As job seeker visa is a special visa, that can be extended only with a Job-contract or Stellenzusage. And if you do not have proper language level then, you will not have enough time to search for a job. If you want to learn the language for more than 3 months in Germany, the better option is Student visa.

      If you are a doctor then B2 level with good language speaking/understanding skills is a must. So that you can invest your time in Germany to search for a job, rather than wasting it on language classes.

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