Preparation of documents for Berufserlaubnis / Approbation

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Important links.

1)Links and contacts of administrative Authorities

Approbation process information in different states

2) Example of application Form, Declarations and Health Certificate

3) Websites to prepare CV.

4) What is Beglaubigung?

5) Translation of Documents

Translation of Documents

6) What is Health Certificate?

7)Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) for Indians in Germany

8)Führungszeugnis –

9) What is Transcript? –


  1. Doc watson

    hi,i really apperciatr your work,you are doing fantastictic job by helping people.
    i have question,i tried alot webs but couldn’t found proper answer.
    can someone apply to germany and can get residency if he is NOT regesterd with any medical council and 2nd thing is it must regestration shuld be with home country council ?

      1. Doc watson

        Thanks dear.
        is it possible without language proficiency i can process my docs,i mean just to know whre i stand.
        for example i can translate all my docs to german language and can forward to few diff authorities to check wether my degree recognize or not .
        if possible which state you will recommend me to try,i mean easiest among all.
        and i think in this process may be ill get answer regarding registration with council is necessary or not.
        or can u recommend me to check this issue thorough some other process.
        Thanks alot for your help.

  2. Tejaswini

    Hi Tejas,

    Thanks for sharing knowledge.

    I have one query. I am planning to apply for Jobseeker VISA, but i do not know anyone in Germany for getting Obligation letter for residence. Is there any consultancy where i can get obligation letter? or which is the cheapest form of stay for booking? Please help

    Thanks in advance

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