When I write poems

When I write poems, I remember that moment, the one when we were reading love-poems together; and then you had asked, how beautiful those lovers might have been, how splendid their characters could have been, what inspired someone to write so exceptional, what gave someone so much courage to open…

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Syrian War Crisis

(At first I must say, this post only provide links to articles, videos and information to know the truth, rather than my views on this matter.) A photo of three year old boy named Aylan Kurdi, lying dead and facing the sand on the Turkish beach, ignited the outrage against…

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My Dream

Two steps ahead that’s all I can look; More I think about the next, May I feel like it’s not for the best. Nothing is visible beyond that; No matter how hard I try to catch, I know, so easily I can never snatch. What is that thing? without shape,…

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Ambigram of TEJAS


ambigram tejas

Ambigram of TEJAS.. created by me on April 18, 2011..
Inspired from “Angels And Demons” by Dan Brown..


I was there. Sitting on a seashore. Grinning… Getting pleasure from…splendid creations of god. Wet sand. Each particle of that was trying to attach with one another. Teaching me to be united. Big and black rocks. Fighting with waves of the seawater. Teaching me to fight with every misery of…

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