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Hi. My name is Tejas Ghetia.
I am working as a resident doctor in a psychiatry Hospital, Bezirksklinikum Ansbach, in Germany.

If I had three imitations of myself then I might have used one to read the books; second one to watch movies and TV series; and the last one I might have used to explore this beautiful world and listen to the music of love, sung by nature everywhere. But I don’t have any such imitations and I exist on this earth as a unique and nonidentical human being; whenever I can enjoy personal freedom of time, I try to indulge myself in one of these activities.

This blog is created to express this creative aspect of my life and use it as a medium to convey whatever my mind wants to describe in explicit details. This is the place where I post my poems, short stories, book reviews, my travel experiences, my opinions on social matters etc.

Medical PG In Germany

I have completed the German language up to B2 level and medical terminology in German.

This part of the blog is just to provide links, that are guiding to the proper information about the process and rules for Medical Post Graduation in Germany. Mostly I will not write any new information. I will post here links, videos, photos, audios, quotes etc. It will provide you an idea and information about the whole process.

If you have more information or knowledge about any matter, please write it as a comment. I will add it to the proper post. I hope you will get the required information.

Personal messages or emails will not be replied.
Please don’t send any personal messages or emails. Whatever you want to ask, put it on various facebook groups or in comments.

Questions or comments, posted only on this Blog and Youtube will be replied! Emails and WhatsApp questions will not be replied.
I am making this as a rule from now on, because of same repeated questions in emails and on WhatsApp. Personal messages or emails will not be replied.

Groups related to Your2ndHeart
    1. Medical PG in Germany
      A group of medical students, pursuing PG in Germany.
    2. Psychiatrie und Sprache (still undeveloped and not active)
    3. Your2ndHeart English Book Club
      an English book club in the area of Nürnberg and Ansbach.

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18 Responses

  1. Sayan konar says:

    is it possible to directly give the approbation exam to get the permanent license without
    the fsp and berufserlaubnis

    • It is possible to clear Fachsprachprüfung and Approbation/Gleichwertigkeit exam, then get it direct Approbation. Berufserlaubnis is not must, but it gives time and money to prepare for Approbation exam.

  2. Nahla says:

    What is the process to apply for a fellowship after residency, for the one who has his training out side Germany.

  3. Adnaan Ameen says:

    hello sir, i just completed my MBBS from bangladesh 1 month ago and now i want to do internship and further studies in germany and i want to know if it is possible doing internship in germany if yes then please tell me the procedure. I have learned language upto B eins now going to start B2 soon.

    thankyou so much

  4. Pasupulati gnaneshwar says:

    Sir I completed my B2 Level from Goethe hyderabad.which Type of Visa should i apply?how can I apply for national Visum D.can i apply for Hospitation from India?If so how?
    PLZ Guide me sie
    Thank u in advance

    • You can apply national student visa. Or Job seeker visa (see the rules and restrictions of this visa on my blog, only thern apply!)
      For hospitation, required information available on my Youtube channel. ‘Your2ndHeart’ on youtube

  5. PRANNOY. C.Almeida says:

    Could you please tell me the process after B2-C1 medizin presently in Berlin which are the states to apply for FSP.Any suggestions

  6. PRANNOY. C.Almeida says:

    Is it necessary to do hospitation after B2-C1 medizin or can we directly apply for FSP

  7. Sdk says:

    Hi Tejas

    which consultancy service you used to get job seeker visa in Germany? I enquired y-axis but not feeling confident with them because of negative reviews.

    is there any way to do it all by myself?

  8. Dipak Kevadia says:

    THIS IS COMMENT not a Replay.

    wow awesome, kind of one stop solution.
    Dear Tejasbhai, I have no words for your explanation.
    Tamari website jane Medical PG na students mate BHAGWAD GITAAA hoy…

  9. Felipe Dalvi-Garcia says:

    Hi, Dr. Ghetia! I’m interested in doing a residency in psychiatry in Germany, specialized in child and adolescent psychiatry (CAP). I’ve read that there is an specific residency for CAP rather than a subspecialty of general psychiatry. Is it really like that or one can do adult psychiatry and specialize in CAP afterwards? I’m kinda afraid to narrow my professional possibilities if I’m not able to work with life-span psychiatry. Thanks for your attention. Regards!

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