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“No need for any agents to get a PG in Germany.
For Indian nationals with license to practice medicine in India.
About me : Indian National , with MBBS from a Govt Medical College in India, approx 2 yrs work experience.

I followed the following steps to get a Residency in Germany,
1) Get a B2 Certificate from Goethe Institute, some states these days are asking for C1. ( I had C1)
2) Apply for 2-3 months Hospitation ( observership), one needs to keep sending Emails to the Head of the Departments on the email address on the hospital websites. you don’t have to pay, nor do u receive any payment, u need to arrange your own lodging and food.
Get a Tourist visa for 90 days, reach Germany and now start sending emails and making calls for Jobs /PG positions to more hospitals.
3) most states are demanding patient communication course certificate or Medical German Certificate ( Telc Medizin B2-C1 or Freiburg University patient communication course ), hence it is advisable to take one of the exams while you are in Germany.
4) Attend the interviews you get because of the emails you sent, perform well in those interviews,, and you have reached your goal,, which is called a STELLE ( job position) in German.
5) after that , send the list of required documents along with translations to the state Medical council ( Arztekammer)., they will verify it from your home country and issue u a work permit ( berufserlaubnis). This verification process takes 3-6 months depending on individual candidate and state, till then you receive a accommodation and food from the Hospital and you work there as a trainee ( Hospitant) . Your salary starts after you get Berufserlaubnis,, approx 2300 Euros/month in hand after taxes.
6) You can also choose to come back Home , once you have a Stelle confirmation after the Interview if you have any paperwork or documents remaining and return after getting a Work visa from here.

Rules differ from state to state, I am sharing my experience about Niedersachsen.”

For countries from Indian subcontinent ,Africa and Gulf, Doctors need to take a exam (Knowledge Test/ Gleichfertigkeit Prufung) in order to get a Permanent Medical License in Germany.

  • I would recommend getting a Job seeker visa rather than Schengen Visa.
    I know many person who have converted schengen visa to Fiktionsbescheinigung.
    But I am having problems with visa. And will do the required procedure for visa again after returning to India.
  • Now before beruferlaubnis one needs to clear Fachsprachenprüfung.
  • And after getting Beruferlaubnis; one needs to clear Kenntnisprüfung/Gleichwertigkeitprüfung before getting Approbation. (For Indian candidates)
    They consider work experience. As long as I know, if you have 3 year or more work experience. they ‘consider’ about the non-requirement of Kenntnisprüfung. (not confirm, only consider)

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Tejas Ghetia

Tejas Ghetia is a doctor by trade and a writer by heart. An introvert atheist. Having virtues of silence and observance. Enjoying each day with his full consciousness. Befriended with books and movies.Liberating himself with his adventures of literary and philosophical type! Captivated by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Osho, Kahlil Gibran, Richard Dawkins, Kafka, JKR etc.

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  1. sam says:

    thank’s for all this informations, please i have a question : is that it’s difficult to have the Berufserlaubnis ? do i have to take exam for that? (i am from africa)

    • Dr. Tejas Ghetia says:

      If you are not from EU, you need to clear fachsprachprüfung and kenntnisprufung to get Approbation(German Medical permanent license). That ensures permanant Berufserlaubnis.

      5th step written above, tells about temporary Berufserlaubnis…. You can work for max 1.5 to 2 years (different in different states)… And within this time you need to clear both exam… Some states require fachsprachprüfung before temporary berufserlaubnis…

      Fachsprachprüfung… you can give unlimited times!!
      But kenntnisprufung… maximum 3 times.

  2. Dr. Med says:

    hello Dr Tejas Ghetia,
    Why do we have to apply for a Hospitation ? just to have an opportunity to be in Germany and to be available for interviews ? or it helps with something else , maybe in interviews , or an additional paper for the Berufserlaubnis ?

    • tejasghetia says:

      It’s not necessary… But it helps to improve German language and medical German words… it makes the interaction with patients easier… You get oriented with environment in Hospital…
      Sometimes you can get visa with Hospitation too..
      I am not sure if it helps in interviews… I can not comment on that point…

      Directly working as Assistenzarzt can also be possible…

      I think… Best time to do Hospitation is for a month or two, just before your Fachsprachenprüfung…

      Please post questions… On fb groups… So that others can answer it and read it too…

  3. Harish says:

    I am harish (foreign medical graduate) pursued my degree from Ukraine. I am interested to do my post graduation in Germany. I want to know the requirements for Indians who are fmg to enter Germany university.

  4. Dr. Tejas,can we use tourist visa to apply for hospitation and then change it later as working visa? How about the gastarzt position? Is it the same case as hospitation concern with visa issue?

    • I could not do it and had returned to India. Some of my friends found a job and then returned to India after tourist visa.
      I know only 3 or 4 people, who could extended tourist visa.

  5. Dr Prateek Arora says:

    Very nice article , blogs and reply like these are a real help I would like to first thank you for your input!
    I am a general surgery MS, am interested in doing visceral surgery superspecialisation in Germany
    I wanted to know that except for C1 language what else should I do to increase my chances in securing a position
    Also what are the top 3-4 premier institutions in Germany that I should target

    • Hi, Prateek, Thank you for your kind words.

      You will have to follow the same process as an MBBS doctor. But you may not have to clear Gleichwertigkeits prüfung, if you have cleared your MS surgery in another country.
      There are no super specialisations in Germany. You have to choose the stream after completion of MBBS.
      Experience letter with information about surgeries you have done and also an recommendation letter from your HOD giving info about your interest in the field can improve your CV, which can help to give you more interviews and job offers.

      I have no idea/info about the good Hospitals for Surgery.

  6. Caitlyn says:

    Thank you for your incredible blog Dr. Tejas! You have no idea how much I appreciate it, and I’m sure I can speak for many others as well.

    I was wondering whether Germany requires foreign grads to complete an internship-like job before you start the specialty training? Or you go directly in to your specialty training when you get the job offer?

    Also, how long does it usually take for you to be notified for an interview, after the emails have been sent? And when do we usually know after the interview if you got the job or not? This would greatly help for planning

    Thank you very much for your kind help again! So much congratulations to you!

    • It is important that you have completed internship where you have learned your basic meedical Studies. Then in Germany no further internship or Hospitation is mandatory, you can also directly apply for a job.
      Time taken by them is of course different according to persons working. Negative replies usually don’t take much time. But positive replies takes time as it is forwarded to all people involved in the process of taking a new person for job. Mostly average 20 to 30 days, but I have received positive reply after 4 months too! They inform you when a new job vacancy is available.

      After interview, someone from the team informs you about the result within few days.

      • Caitlyn says:

        Can’t be more thankful for your reply Dr. Tejas! This information means a lot to me. All the best to you!

  7. Sulayman says:

    Hi Dr.Tejas! Is it possible to get visa by applying to a language school with A2 level german language? Because I want to go to Germany first and then start my procedure of getting residency like having b2 or c1 level, get ready for approbation test or maybe get work in some hospital…

    If it’s possible which type of visa is best to apply to??? I’m from Afghanistan and some of my classmates have gone to Germany and became doctors.

    I would really appreciate it If you could help me sir!

    Kind Regards,

  8. Question:-
    Hello doc. I have been following your posts for a while. Thanks for sharing such valuable information. I however, am a bit confused abut the requirements of Aprobation for EU graduates who are not EU citizen. Do EU graduates need to give medical German test, medical knowledge test as well as Aprobation test in order to receive Aprobation? Or just medical German test and then apply for direct Aprobation. I graduated from Bulgaria, having permanent license as a physician in Ireland as well as Bulgaria . Planning to start German language course in January. Hopefully the language is doable.
    Thanks in advance for you help

    Dr. Hasnain Mahmood

    for EU graduates (EU citizenship – doesn’t matter )- just medical German test and then apply for direct Approbation. No medical knowledge test required!

    mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Tejas Ghetia

  9. Bharat Sharma says:

    I am doing pg in surgery India bub plan to study further and settle in germany. How is the procedure different from ug? Can I practice surgery if I have done it from India. Please guide through after pg process.

    • In this case, you have to follow whole process like an undergraduate doctor.

      Your Master (in Surgery or any other medical branch) from India is not considered directly valid, but a part of it may be considered valid. They will compare curriculum and tell you, how much can they consider valid from whole. But in the end, you should be ready to repeat almost whole residency. Many indians are doing it.

      Your experience / MS from India will help you to get job in Surgery as soon as possible, you will get Surgical procedures comparatively earlier than other residents without any surgical experience.

      • emeducate says:

        I’m in a similar position as Bharat but with Orthopaedics. Do you which states , it’s easier to get a gutachten ? Also do we need to arrange for PG transcript and PG curriculum? Also logbook of surgeries ? Any idea? Thanks a lot Dr Tejas !

        • – No one can say, which state is easier for Gutachten process. It is a hypothetical question. can’t answer that. getting more and more difficult!
          – yes, get all documents.
          logbooks will be helpful too. also transcripts and Curriculums.

  10. Bharat sharma says:

    Do I need to give knowledge test like ug again or just surgery exam??

    • It is decided only after Gutachten, chances are low that you have to give the exam. But nobody can say for sure. You have to dive in the sea with possibility of facing the Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung (Knowledge Test).

      If you have cleared the Surgery exam in India and Fachsprachprüfung (medical german-language exam), Kenntnisseprüfung (Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung /Knowledge Test) will not be the problem for you. Of course you will hve to read 2-4 months for it, but, as long as I know from experience of friends, it will not be that much of a headache.

  11. Akinde damilola says:

    I am a Nigerian medical student in Caribbean, am interested in doing neurosurgery postgraduate in Germany pls can u help me


    Hi… Please help me….if I go to germany on Speachkurs visa, and my FSP exam date is after 6-7 months( after the duration of my course) then can I get my visa extended? Or I need to come back to India, then for which visa should I apply again?

    • If you are with a national visa in Germany (other than job seeker visa), generally you should-not get any problems with a extention, if you have proper reason and enough funds to pride your stay in Germany.
      I have seen rare cases, where Job seeker or Shenghen visas have been extended. But that is really risky, I have to say. And according to rules, they should not get an extension.

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