The Enchanted Stick

Once upon a time on a cold windy night, after sitting on the sandbank of a river, that had majestic mountains on one side and a beautiful planes on another, two beloved immortal friends, known as BLACK color and WHITE color, were cherishing their lives with the splendor of mountains and the ripples of the river. Holding a hand of each other  both of them observed amalgamation of their lives into this world and the beauty of their existence with each-another. The whitish lights of dwellings far away over the mountains were scintillating as if an ornament was given to the darkness of the night. The black veil of the sky with whitish twinkling of stars was wrapped around the earth like a mother protects her baby.

On the opposite side of the river over one of the mountains, two other creatures, Greed and Ego, hiding behind one of the trees had a nasty idea of using power of their magic stick. A slim and straight wooden stick, which was being used for first time by them, had power to modify thoughts of any mind. They were oblivious to the brutal fact that the thought, that can change the world with its power, would become a slave of that enchanted stick after their first trial of it. The future consequences were imperceptible to them and ever since that incident it has remained that way to those who have exploited that stick and also to those who were bewitched by it.

I properly don’t know who cast that first spell; whether it was Greed or Ego. But it seemed that it was Greed who used it and WHITE was the victim.

WHITE said to BLACK,” O my filthy companion, people think we live together and create beauty of this world together. But today is the last day when you take benefit of my name. I don’t want you to take credits of my work. Beauty is a part of mine and your presence ruins it. People praise my presence and your presence spoils it.” The tone of his voice was now increasing but so did anger in his eyes,”Look at this moon, you stupid fool, look at it; look how you have demolished my beauty. See how you spoil my well crafted work; observe those dark little lousy spots that became the cause of imperfection.”

Still BLACK was with sound mind and the words, sweet as honey and pure as truth, poured into the atmosphere from his mouth,” Oh no brother; it’s not like that. What are you saying? I never spoiled it and they are not lousy. Look at the moon. Look at it again, my brother. Our beauty is intertwined with both of us. It is our beauty; neither yours, nor mine, but ours.” A spark of friendship was glistening in his eyes and his voice was filled with happiness.” Look at this sky, oh my beloved friend. And think, which will be more beautiful, at this night-time? Whether a fully black colored sky without any stars and moon or a total white sky. Neither of them is imaginable, neither of them my friend; because our beauty has always been nourished by our mutual coexistence.”

While he was speaking this sentence, ego snatched that stick from Greed and cast his spell upon BLACK;after a tiny pause, Black forgot what wisdom he was giving to his fellow brother and the next words of him (of course filled with anger) were like this,” I don’t take any advantage of yours, you halfwit. Can’t you see that I have the same importance as yours? And don’t you dare to call me stupid. My work makes you beautiful and so does my presence. You are nothing in my absence and every praise of yours has always been due to my work!”

This was just a start; they fought with each other after that. On one point White made arguments about his excellent work and infamous beauty. At another, he bickered with Black when Black boasted about his importance in this world and dependency of White upon him. This fight lasted for a long time; even they tried to kill each other but immortality became a savior of their life. It was the day when it all started. Their friendship died and buried somewhere inside a corner of their heart and even they cannot find it till today because still they have bitter thoughts for each-other and consider each other as enemies.

But all of this had happened a long time ago, and worst of all Greed and Ego had enjoyed their power ever-since then. Slowly slowly they tried to improve their techniques and unfortunately success pursued their path. At first they found how to vanish in-front of their victims and their need to hide behind any trees came to an end. They worked hard to transfer the power of that stick inside their own body and, after their success, their hand did the job of that enchanted stick.

As if all of this was not enough, once they found how to reside into human body invisibly. It is their greatest discovery till this date and undoubtedly the worst one of all. I don’t know where they live in body. Some says it is brain some says it’s heart.(I believe it’s heart) and most of the humans are still unknown to their presence. But whatever it is one point is sure that they live somewhere inside human body invisibly and became as an integral part of human body. In spite of this brutal fact, as I said before, both exploiter and his victim still remain imperceptible to future consequences of it and victim human remain oblivious to whole story.

Often, both, Greed and Ego, are seen laughing through words and acts of many persons whenever I look deeper into any communal riots or their words about their religion.
When each religion believes that its beauty is superior than other ones; each mortal human forgets that it doesn’t matter what they believe or whom they worship because true beauty of their life exists into coexistence and amalgamation of their lives upon this bountiful earth.

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Tejas Ghetia

Tejas Ghetia is a doctor by trade and a writer by heart. An introvert atheist. Having virtues of silence and observance. Enjoying each day with his full consciousness. Befriended with books and movies.Liberating himself with his adventures of literary and philosophical type! Captivated by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Osho, Kahlil Gibran, Richard Dawkins, Kafka, JKR etc.

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