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Should one be forced to stand-up for the national anthem?

What has happened? For those who don’t know… Read this or watch the video… Muslim family forced to leave theatre for not standing during national anthem   This is my response to following question asked on Quora. Why didn’t the...


Quote #2

A book is just like a life. A soul. Many memories are embraced in it. Memories of people; memories of thoughts and actions; memories of likes and dislikes. Many people have remained alive for ages through their writings. They have...


Quote #1

If you are religious ‘because’ you live in India and here everyone believes in God, you are stupid… if you are an atheist in Russia due to same reason then you are even more stupid..!! If you think that that...


The Enchanted Stick

nce upon a time on a cold windy night, after sitting on the sandbank of a river, that had majestic mountains on one side and a beautiful planes on another, two beloved immortal friends, known as BLACK color and WHITE color,...

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