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Listen to yourself!

Sometimes you shouldn’t listen to what others says. You have to listen to yourself. Because, you can have better plans in your head and the one who knows you at best is only you; may be, it’s just that you...


Religion is so …

Religion is so much easier to reach and even more easier to pretend that you understand it, but God is quite the opposite.


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Trying to become TEJAS GHETIA (myself)… By removing all superimposed thoughts from my mind… And it still remains one of the most difficult works of my life…!! – July 25, 2013


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I am more afraid to catch a wrong train; rather than running behind a train and loosing it again. What if I win when I try again and then I realize that the train is not going where I want...


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A book is just like a life. A soul. Many memories are embraced in it. Memories of people; memories of thoughts and actions; memories of likes and dislikes. Many people have remained alive for ages through their writings. They have...


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If you are religious ‘because’ you live in India and here everyone believes in God, you are stupid… if you are an atheist in Russia due to same reason then you are even more stupid..!! If you think that that...