How should you prepare the application for a Hospitation or an Assistenzarzt Stelle?


I have already created a video about the Lebenslauf, you can find the link here. 

I find as the best and simple website to create a properly organized Lebenslauf. As an example, I have attached my CV here, so that you can have an idea about creating your own Lebenslauf.

Anschreiben / Motivation letter

  • It should be personalized and never be copied from others.
  • You should explain your interests in that particular branch or specific hospital. You can explain your specific achievements or specific interests about the branch too. Your expectations from Hospital or what you can offer to the hospital can also be discussed in Anschreiben.
  • On the other side, it should be specific and to the point, as it will be read by the Chief of that department, so always keep in mind how much time he can have to read all Anschreiben.
  • And of course, correct all language mistakes in the Anschreiben from a native German speaker or someone with good German knowledge.
  • I am posting links of few examples here.

Preparing the email

  • The subject of the email should be clear and specific to the branch where you want to apply.
  • In the body of Email, write all important information that you want to tell to Chefarzt and write down all important points, but as always keep it clean and short.
  • Mention the point if you have BErufserlaubnis or Approbation if you have already cleared Fachsprachprüfung.
  • You can also mention if you are ready to do hospitation before starting the job.
  • I used to send an Email application directly to Chefarzt and used to send the same Email carbon copy to the secretary and HR Department. If the email of Chearzt (Chief of Department) is not available, then I used to send it to the HR Department.

klassischen und Initiativbewerbung

Somehow I find, it is important to understand the difference between klassischen und Initiativ Bewerbung.

klassischen Bewerbung

Maybe everyone knows. You search for a job. Find an advertisement for the job vacancy in a newspaper, magazine or internet, and then you apply there.

Initiativbewerbung (also called Blind Application, Spontaneous application)

It is carried out without prior offers or Specific calls for job advertisements. That means that you can apply directly to the hospital without any prior knowledge of the availability of a Stelle or Job vacancy.
Sometimes, it shows more interest in the Hospital. And if there is a job vacancy available in the near future, they can contact you if they liked your application.

I had always used the same motivation letter and documents for both types of Bewerbung.

Online or Printed Applications

  • I recommend email or online portal applications because they save time and money. Attachments of Email applications must be in pdf format, as many hospital-IT departments have banned doc or other formats.
  • I had sent printed applications only to those hospitals where no online portal or email was available, as I do not think that printed applications have any more value than online applications.

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