Gleichwertigkeitsverfahren or Approbationsverfahren

With Berufserlaubnis (temporary medical license, which can only be received after a job offer in almost all states, except Bayern), non-EU Graduates are allowed to work temporarily till their Approbation (permanent medical license) is processed.

What is Approbation?

In order to be able to carry out a medical profession in Germany, one requires an Approbation (Permanent Medical Licence). The term Approbation comes from Latin and means approval.

How to apply for Gleichwertigkeitsverfahren or Approbationsverfahren?

In most of the states in Germany (like Bayern), you require a separate application for Approbation process. But in some states (like NRW), there is only one Application needed. Both, Berufserlaubnis and Approbation, are processed based on it.

The contacts and websites of responsible authorities are given in the following link, where you can find application forms, required documents, rules of the state etc.

At the time of Approbation Application, you’re asked if you want to…

  • opt for a Gutachten process, to compare your medical education with German medical education
  • or do you want to give a Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung/ Kenntnisseprüfung (Approbation-exam) to prove your medical knowledge

In some states, like NRW and Hessen, (according to Information from my friends) the Authorities are more strict for non-European graduates. And you have to directly opt for a Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung/ Kenntnisseprüfung. Gutachten is not allowed. In that case, you don’t require to submit a curriculum. But you have to be ready for a medical exam, called Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung.

What is Gutachten?

A review in which Qualifications/ degrees of non-EU graduate doctors are individually checked for equivalence with German qualifications or degrees. Such a Gutachten (review) will be based on the submitted documents including education curriculum and professional experience. (For more information about Curriculum check out this post)

What happens after Gutachten?

If the equivalence with the German training is given during Gutachten, the Approbation is granted. And no further medical equivalence exam (Kenntnisseprüfung) is required.

If your medical education is not equivalent to German medical education, then…

  • very rarely, you are asked to take an adaptation course or you are asked for specific Internships/work experience; and if you submit completion certificate of it, you’re granted Approbation
  • almost all of the times, you have to clear an medical knowledge examination ( Kenntnisseprüfung) for approval of Approbation

How much time does the Gutachten process take?

It is different in each state and totally variable from person to person.
After submitting the curriculum, I had to wait for almost 7 months (Bayern, 2018) and then I received Approbation without any further exam.

When is Kenntnisseprüfung required?

  • If there are shortcomings in your education and your medical education is not equivalent to German medical education; a medical knowledge examination ( Kenntnisseprüfung) must be cleared by the applicant.
  • If you don’t want to opt for Gutachten, as it takes much more time, then you can directly apply for the Kenntnisseprüfung.

In most of the states, as I heard, maximum 3 attempts of Kenntnisseprüfung is allowed. You should inquire with the responsible Authorities.

Upon clearing the Kenntnisseprüfung, Approbation will be granted to you.

What should be done? Should you opt for Gutachten or directly give an examination? What would be my suggestion?

I would recommend you to try for gutachten process. Some of my friends ad I have received positive answers after Gutachten, and we have received Approbation without Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung / Kenntnisseprüfung. Some of us are medical graduates from India too. If there is a chance, why not take it? Otherwise anyways you have to give exam, if you opt for direct exam without any Gutachten process. And the same will happen if you get negative answer in Gutachten-process, but at least you will not regret at any point for not trying for it.



For All Information about medical post graduation in Germany. Look at the following link.

Please give information, ask your questions or request a topic in comments. Comments are always appreciated. It improves the quality of post and helps others more, as it will clear more doubts.

Tejas Ghetia

Tejas Ghetia is a doctor by trade and a writer by heart. An introvert atheist. Having virtues of silence and observance. Enjoying each day with his full consciousness. Befriended with books and movies.Liberating himself with his adventures of literary and philosophical type! Captivated by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Osho, Kahlil Gibran, Richard Dawkins, Kafka, JKR etc.

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24 Responses

  1. Jameel Hijazeen says:

    Great article! Nice “About” section.

  2. Jetmir says:

    i have graduted from medical school in Kosovo ( outside EU) und now want to work in Germany. I have sent my documents in ZAB (Bonn) for a Zeugnisbewertung and then i want to apply for an Arbeitsplatzsuche Visum ?

    Can i go like this way in deutschland

    • Please share the whole situation? When did you complete medical education? At present working? Language level? From where did you apply? I mean, are you in Germany and you want to apply visa here or in Kosovo?

  3. Jetmir says:

    i hope so. I just wanted to kno if this ZAB Evaluation is valuable ?

  4. Jetmir says:

    thank you very much sir i wish you the very best

  5. Arpit Srivastava says:

    Dt.Tejas…Thanks plenty for such an informative blog.
    Kindly advise whether we are given Berufserlaubnis during the Gutachten process or we just need to sit & wait.

    • Read the first line please…
      With Berufserlaubnis , non-EU Graduates are allowed to work temporarily till their Approbation (permanent medical license) is processed.
      So you ‘can’ get Berufserlaubnis and start working, if you want. Approbation is processed during that time.

  6. Ashok Chakravarthi says:

    Very well written , simple and understandable . Thank you sir Tejas Ghatia

  7. Noma says:

    Hi. Did they need you to have a post graduate internship to Bev able rob do residency? I did six years of medical school and the final one was a practical one in the hospital. Is that enough?

    • Tejas Ghetia says:

      Please elaborate. I am not understanding your question properly. What do you mean by “postgraduate internship “?

      six years of med school with practical internship will be mostly enough for starting a PG process in Germany

  8. Ashok kumar says:

    Is there anyone from Delhi who had done MBBS from Delhi, got Approbation thru Gutachten process.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Masjensen Argadjendra says:

    Dear Dr Ghetia,

    I completed my medical education in Indonesia but has not completed my 1 year internship year. Medical education in Indonesia consists of 4 theoretical years + 2 practical years in the Hospital. It is my understanding that I will need certificate of internship completion and letter of good standing from my country. I learned that I can apply to Landesprüfungsamt in Düsseldorf where they will check for recognition of my degree. They will later ask me to complete internship or ask me to take the Kenntnisprüfung directly. What is your opinion about that? If they asked me to complete an internship in Germany, is it possible for a foreign medical graduate to complete a 1 year internship in Germany and then have it recognized?

    Thank you sir

    • Tejas Ghetia says:

      One person, I know, had completed an internship in Germany, then he required to get it approved and attested from the medical college where he completed his medical graduation. I do not know the whole process in detail. But he had submitted documents in Bayern and received Berufserlaubnis for the internship. After completion, it was not considered valid in Germany, until it was approved by his medical college in another country.

  10. Dr Juhi Godara says:

    hello dr Tejas…very informative…. i wanted also to know how to apply for Guteachten?

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