Prepare and Submit your Curriculum in Germany

(A part of ‘Medical post graduation in Germany’ series)

Like everyone else, one day my Ansprechpartner (Person in charge for my Approbation-process) at ‘Regierung von Oberbayern’ had sent me following Email:-

A part of that Email:-
Dazu benötigen wir von Ihnen jedoch noch folgende Unterlagen, da eine Überprüfung der genauen Ausbildungsinhalte für uns anhand der bisher vorliegenden Unterlagen nicht ausreichend möglich ist:
Curriculum bezüglich Ihrer Ausbildung am B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad

Das Curriculum muss folgende Anforderungen erfüllen:
Es muss im Original vorgelegt werden. Das Curriculum enthält nähere Angaben zu den Inhalten der im Studium vermittelten Fächer. Das Curriculum kann im Rahmen des Approbationsverfahrens nur anerkannt werden, wenn dieses entweder in englischer Sprache verfasst wurde oder wenn der originalsprachigen Fassung eine deutsche Übersetzung beigefügt ist. Das Curriculum kann nur berücksichtigt werden, wenn diesem eine Bestätigung Ihrer Universität beigefügt ist, aus der hervorgeht, dass das dort beigefügte Curriculum das von Ihnen persönlich absolvierte Studium betrifft. Das Bestätigungsschreiben der Universität ist an das Curriculum zu heften und die Heftung mit einem Stempel/Siegel der Universität zu versehen. Aus dem Curriculum muss detailliert hervorgehen, welche genauen Inhalte in den einzelnen Fächern gelehrt wurden sowie in welchem Umfang theoretischer und praktischer Unterricht abgeleistet wurde.
Which loosely translates to:-

However, as a review of your exact education/qualification/training content on the basis of the documents available so far is not sufficiently possible for us, we still need the following documents from you:
Curriculum regarding your education at B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad

The curriculum must meet the following requirements:
It must be presented in the original. The curriculum contains details of the contents of the subjects taught during the studies. The curriculum can only be accepted in the medical licensing procedure (Approbation-process) if it has been written ‘in English’ or ‘if the original version is accompanied by a German translation’. The curriculum can only be taken into account if it is accompanied by a confirmation from your university stating that the curriculum attached to it relates to the degree program you have completed personally. The letter of confirmation from the university must be attached to the curriculum and stamped with a stamp/seal of the university. The curriculum must detail what content was taught in each subject and the extent to which theoretical and practical instruction was provided.

Why is the curriculum so important?

Well, before few years to submit a curriculum was not an important requirement, but within last two years (maybe because of the rule changes for foreign doctors), it has become an essential document, if you want to submit your documents for the Gutachten-process to receive Approbation (not for Berufserlaubis). During Gutachten process, in a way, they want to compare your medical education with German medical education and for that, they require some documents which shows a detailed analysis of your medical studies. A transcript is considered as a valid document, but it does not fulfill the need for curriculum. Submission of a curriculum is essential, and if you are unable to submit a curriculum because of any reason, you definitely have to prove your medical knowledge by clearing the medical exam (Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung).

Where should you apply for Curriculum?

Allover the world, mostly it is issued either by the responsible medical college or respective university. In India, it is issued mostly by medical college universities. Still, I  would recommend you to ask your medical College for further information.

Let me explain to you how to process went for me:-

The process to get the curriculum issued from my University:-
I r
eceived the request to submit the curriculum by my Ansprechpartner (Person in charge for my Approbation-process) in August 2017.  First I had to get the curriculum from my university (where I learned MBBS), which was issued with minor official charges. It was signed and stamped on a few pages by the librarian of my university.
If your university does not have an official curriculum, then you can submit the official MCI curriculum. I am giving a few examples here.

Examples of Curriculums:-

The curriculum was signed and stamped as a true copy on the starting page of each subject by the librarian of my university. Also, each page of the curriculum was stamped with the university symbol (which I do not find necessary). Example:-

After the sign of the curriculum, my university denied for the front page/ the letter of confirmation, stating that the curriculum attached to it relates to the degree program I have completed personally.
I submitted this curriculum, which was already signed and stamped at university, to my college for the signature of my dean on the letter of confirmation.

I requested the letter of confirmation like following.

This is to state that B. J. Medical College; Ahmedabad is recognized and affiliated to Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. The Medical College follows the curriculum of the said university.
The same curriculum has been followed by Tejaskumar Jayantilal Gheit during his pursued MBBS course from 2007 to 2012 with one year internship from 2012 to 2013.”

It was signed via the dean of my college with college stamp on a letterhead. Like this:-

For the signature of the dean, I required a few documents to be submitted. (Marksheets of medical education, degree, medical council registration etc..) Which took me 2 to 3 months to resolve the problem. The problem was that the clerk asked for original documents, which was obviously not possible, as for that I had to transfer the original documents from Germany to India and bring them back. Options were either I give original documents in hands of someone else,who is already going to India, to take them along; or I myself do the stupidity of spending my money and time by going to India for this.
But either of them was not the reasonable option. After many talks and negotiations, the clerk agreed with the affidavit, which was prepared with help of a lawyer and signed by my father, stating that the photocopies of documents submitted along with that affidavit are true and if they will be found wrong in any future, my father will take full responsibility and he will be ready to bear the legal consequences!

After signature of dean, I attached ‘the letter of confirmation’ to curriculum. All of the curriculum pages, along with the front letter of confirmation, were attached and binded via thread, which was covered by the sticking paper and it was sealed with the stamp of my medical college (better to checkout the photo given below). If your collage or university has an some stamps which are used to seal documents, use them instead of any sticking paper like I used. This means that this is considered as one whole sealed document, where you can not add or remove any pages after signature.

I didn’t require to translate my curriculum as it was in English. But if your curriculum is in another language then submit the original one along with official german translation of it.

When should you apply for the curriculum?

Best time to submit curriculum application is when you’re in India. When you are already in India, you can submit or show all the documents for curriculum application, in whichever way they want. After arriving in Germany it becomes difficult. I would recommend to get it soon after completing your medical studies. If you’re already in Germany and planning to apply for Gutachten process of Approbation, get it from your medical college as soon as possible.

Which curriculum do I require? UG or PG?

If you have completed your post graduation, then you require to submit curriculum for undergraduation and postgraduation medical studies both.

Does submission of curriculum mean that you don’t require other documents (like transcripts)?

No, you have to get and submit medical education marksheets, transcripts, degree, medical registration certificate, internship certificate, clinical rotation certificate (part of transcript mostly), experience certificates etc. They have nothing to do with curriculum.

How did I complete the whole process when I was staying in Germany?

Two of my friends, Trushar Gohel and Ansh Sonagara, had worked hard in the heat of Ahmedabad ( The city which literally lies between earth and sun!) to get this document for me, and without their help, it would not have been possible.

What should be remembered before or during the application and submission of curriculum?

The curriculum must meet the following requirements:

  • must be presented in the original.
  • The curriculum contains details of the contents of the subjects taught during the studies. The curriculum must detail what content was taught in each subject and the extent to which theoretical and practical instruction was provided. Do check if it has all of the subjects that you have already studied during your medical studies. Ask you college or university accordingly. Submit the experiences along with curriculum if you have.
  • The curriculum can only be taken into account if it is accompanied by a confirmation from your university stating that the curriculum attached to it relates to the degree program you have completed ‘personally’. So do not forget the letter of confirmation. On the letter of confirmation, do write the important details like… your identity (name, date of birth, residence in native country), the time period of your medical education and internship, name of your college and university, and most important that you personally have followed this curriculum during your studies!
  • The letter of confirmation from the university must be attached to the curriculum and stamped with a stamp/seal of the university. it should be binded/combined as one document before submission.
  • The curriculum can only be accepted in the medical licensing procedure (Approbation-process) if it has been written ‘in English’ or ‘if the original version is accompanied by a German translation’. So do not forget to translate it if it’s in another language.

This was all for curriculum.

Please give information or ask your questions in comments. Comments are always appreciated. It improves the quality of post and helps others more, as it will clear more doubts.

For All Information about medical post graduation in Germany. Look at the following link.

If this has been helpful…


Tejas Ghetia

Tejas Ghetia is a doctor by trade and a writer by heart. An introvert atheist. Having virtues of silence and observance. Enjoying each day with his full consciousness. Befriended with books and movies.Liberating himself with his adventures of literary and philosophical type! Captivated by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Osho, Kahlil Gibran, Richard Dawkins, Kafka, JKR etc.

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  1. I am bit confused because i am in niedersachsen n willing to try for it…would you please give suggestion? My mbbs duration is 4.5yrs n 1 yr internship n i am from nepal

    • I would recommend you to try for gutachten process. Me and some of my friends have received positive answers from Gutachten, and we have Approbation without any exam. All Indian pass outs. If there is a chance, why not take it, otherwise anyways you have to give exam if you opt for exam without the Gutachten process. Same will happen if you get negative answer in process, but at least you will not regret at any point for not trying for it.!

  2. You are right. I really wanna go for it.But the problem is my Approbationsantrag is in Niedersachsen and i have fachsprachprüfung in ende des Feb. Should i try for gutachten in niedersachsen or change bundesland? If we apply for gutachten will we get Berufserlabnis or not? How long does it takes for this gutachtung process? Thank you in advance?

    • Berufserlaubnis has nothing to do with it. Gutachten is for Approbation. I have specifically mentioned it in post.
      You receive your Berufserlaubnis as planned before. but Gutachten process will decide only for approbation.

      It took for me around 7 months after submission of curriculum to get Approbation. But it is different for different states and with different Ansprechpartners.

      I would recommend you to clear FSP in Niedersachsen, as nowadays it is really difficult to get an appointment for FSP. FSP cleared at Ärztekammer in one state can be considered valid in another too. Also changing from one state to another is always possible, even after receiving Berufserlaubnis. It takes few weeks but it is possible, and you can transfer Berufserlaubnis to another state where you have received a new job!

  3. Sajid says:

    Will the university provide seal in this document?? What should we ask for?? I have completed from rajiv Gandhi university – Bangalore.

    • yes, but in India (I don’t know about other countries) mainly it is not used. I will update such seals, that I have seen in Germany , later on this post.

      I don’t know the right word for it, honestly. If you find please tell me.

  4. We will get Berufserlaubnis in the name of hospital where we gonna work it. How can it be transferred then? Is it same for whole Bayern or only for oberbayern?

    • In some states or may be in most of the states, you get berufserlaubnis with name of hospital where you will be working.
      Still it is transferable to another hospital or state, if you submit a new contract before leaving the first job. Of course it will take few weeks for the process, as for anything else official in germany!

      In Bayern, you get Berufserlaubnis without the name of hospital, and you are allowed to work anywhere in Bayern (whole Bayern), of course you have to inform the “Regierung “ about your new contract in Bayern, but a transfer of Berufserlaubnis is required only if you are changing the state.

  5. There is three Behörde in bayern which gives us Berufserlaubnis. I want to know if the gutachten process is same in all three Regierung or they have diff system for giving approbations? As you mentioned its email from Oberbayern.

    • 3 different Behörden are for Berufserlaubnis. All Approbation application for non EU graduates must be submitted in Munich at “Regierung von Oberbayern “ and they are processed same, doesn’t matter where you’re in Bayern.

      Berufserlaubnis, doesn’t matter from which Behörde of Bayern it is issued… it is considered valid in whole Bayern!

  6. nandakishor says:

    which state will be better to apply for Deficit besheid in your’s opinion? and in which there is better chance to get gutachten?

    • I can’t answer this one… As it doesn’t matter what I say, the answer will be wrong. I will leave it, and request you to post it on fb groups to discuss openly, where everyone can share the opinions.!

    • But still, as long as I know, which can be totally wrong..!! NRW is faster to Process documents at start and that’s why it is better to apply Defizit Bescheid there.
      In some states, like NRW and Hessen, they don’t even send documents of non EU graduates for Gutachten, and you have to give Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung / Approbationsexam. I would recommend to avoid it for Approbation process.
      What I said is contradictory in a way!! But somehow, that’s the truth, that I found from others.

  7. Is the process of gutachten except accepting English curriculum is same in all States or every state has diff process ? For example if i translate curriculum n submit it in Niedersachsen will the chances same as bayern?

    • No it is not same in all states, that’s why it is better to ask your Ansprechpartner, if English curriculum is accepted in your region or not.
      And if you ask me, if processing of curriculum (Gutachten process) is same in each state or not…. Everyone was saying, that in Bonn, centrally, it is processed. It can be true. But when you look at the end results of the Gutachten-process, it doesn’t look like a centralised uniform process in Germany. But I do not have enough data, to discuss any chances.

  8. Julieandrews says:

    So in short which states to apply for Gutachten process besides Nidersachsen ?

  9. Sindhuja says:

    Hallo Dr Tejas… thanks for the very informative article…Is the curriculum same even if I had finished my postgraduation in India.. I did my UG and PG from different colleges.. so from who should I get my curriculum signed ?? And can we apply for Approbation at the same time of application for FSP.. thanks for the info

    • You require two curriculums, as mentioned in post. From UG and PG. Both signed and issued by respective colleges or universities.

      Yes. you can apply for both Gutachten process/Approbation and FSP same time; but it may be possible that they start processing documents after you clear fsp exam.

  10. Rubab says:

    Hello Dr. Tejas, can you also explain about the experience letters (House job), did you filled any log book or can you share the format of your experience letter. I am in Germany so I don’t know if I will be able to fill the log book, as I did my house job 2 years back.

    • So, for Internship, I had submitted one internship completion certificate. That’s all.
      I had only 8 months experience after internship. Out of which, I had only one certificate which was for 5 months of Experience.
      In that experience certificate, it had stated simply following informations.
      – name of hospital
      – department
      – time period
      – and my name
      That’s all. Only few lines.

      I would recommend to get a proper experience certificate including information about your work in detail.
      I don’t understand about which logbook are you talking. In Germany, I have not submitted the logbook of internship, if that’s what you’re asking!

      • Rubab says:

        Actually our university curriculum has details only about 5 years of MBBS. I am asking about compulsory internship for 1 year, which is called “house job” back home.

        I have 1 year housejob (internship) certificate, but on that certificate it is mentioned that i have worked full time with details about the internship duration and clinical wards. They didn’t mentioned what skills i have acquired or what cases I have dealt with.

        Here in Germany, I have heard that the students have to fill log books during practical year, about which skills have they acquired and how many patients have been looked after by you. And those log books should be filled from your respective clinical wards.

        So did you get a detailed internship letter? Or just a simple one which durations, clinical wards and the hospital name.

        • I had submitted a simple internship completion with duration, ward name, and hospital name of posting.
          I had also filled a logbook during my internship, which I didn’t have after my internship (I don’t even remember, may be lost somewhere or submitted) and didn’t submit in Germany.

          • Rubab says:

            Thanks Dr. Ghetia for answering my queries.

            Do you think that post internship experience helps in getting Gutachten? I have some months of experience after my internship year.

            One more question: Did you take any course for FSP? If yes, from where?
            I will be starting my hospitation in surgery for a month, will that be enough for FSP or will you recommend to take any preparation course along with that?

            • Yes, more experience helps. Get certificates, if you can.

              I never took any course for FSP or FSP exam. I cleared only Telc B2-C1 Medizin Prüfung, for which I had prepared by myself.
              So I honestly can’t speak for or against FSP courses.
              But preparing for it together, with a proper ‘goal oriented’ group or study partner, definitely helps.

              • Rubab says:

                Did you mentioned on your CV about your 8 months’ experience as you had the experience certificate only for 5 months?

                I am in similar situation, that’s why wanted to clear it.

                • I had mentioned everything on CV. I didn’t have experience certificates of Hospitation too, but still I mentioned it on my cv along with all experiences.

                  I had written a short letter along with application, where I had mentioned that I don’t have these experience certificates!
                  (Also, I didn’t submit these experience certificates even later! As it was not possible to get. I tried, but it didn’t help.)

                  • Rubab says:

                    Will you recommend to collect as much documents as possible and then submit the application for Gutachten? But collecting all these things will take time and it will delay the procedure, considering the long duration they are taking till they give a reply.

                    Or should I apply for Gutachten, along with FSP? and submit the missing documents whenever I get them.

                    As some of my experience certificates are missing, I am trying to get them as soon as possible. Does they accept documents in between the Gutachten procedure?

  11. Shamshad says:

    I need to submit bescheid or eingangbestätigung from arztkämer in dussledorf inorder to get visa from germn konsulate in banglore. After submitting my curriculum to arztkämmer in düsseldorf how long should i wait to get eingangbestätigung/ bescheid?

    • Defizitbescheid takes a long time, as it requires a Gutachten. mostly 4 to 7 months or more may be, depending upon where you apply.
      Eingangsbestätigung takes only a week after your documents reach Ärztekammer, and many German consulates accept it for visa.

  12. Priyank says:

    Hello dr Tejas. I’m also from Gujarat university ( gcs medical college, Ahmedabad ). I want to ask that does guj. University have different curriculum or same as MCI ( the pdf you’re uploaded here)

  13. Vikas Sandilya says:

    Hi Dr. Tejas. I am a dentist. I agree with your views on Gutachten.
    I am currently in India and have not decided on the state yet. I am also applying for Hospitations.
    You prepared for the FSP on your own, i understand it varies from person to person, but on an average how much time would one need? Once a Hospitation place is finalised, even before leaving India, one can start it, right?
    If any state wants Curriculum to be translated, then how to go about the stamp/seal? The final ‘binding’ will have to be avoided i guess.

    • 1) yes one can start for FSP preparation, right after B2 level completion. Doesn’t matter where

      2) it may take upto one to two months of continuous and daily preparation for FSP

      3) Translation has nothing to do with preparation of curriculum. Translation is done after the issue of curriculum. Stamp doesn’t matter, as they are also translated by the translator. I didn’t understand you properly, I think! Why should be final binding avoided? Even after that one can read the whole document and translate it. Same binding and stamping will be done by translator for his translation of document, but that you can leave upto him, as mostly authorised translators in Germany already know the rules that they need to follow.

  14. Sohini Sancheti says:

    Hello Dr. Tejas. I am a dentist from India and have completed my BDS and MDS and currently hold 5 years work experience post MDS. I too am interested to apply for Approbation and see if I can bypass the Knowledge exam. My question is a) In your opinion what are the chances? b) if so then which state is best for dentists to directly apply for Approbation?

  15. Dr Richa says:

    Hi Dr Tejas….will you please tell me if you have any idea of someone getting gutachten who did there MBBS from China??
    I would also like to know in which state is it easy to get gutachten??….I have heard Bayern is a good option to get gutachten??

    • Have you completed your medical council registration in any country? India, china or somewhere else?
      A medical registration (permit to work as a registered doctor in any country) is a basic requirement to start registration processing (Approbation process) for Germany.

      Bayern was good for Gutachten process compared to other states. But nowadays, as lons as I know, in Bayern also, they are asking for Approbation exam (Knowledge Test) after Gutachten.

  16. saranya says:

    hello Dr.Tejas Ghetia..i am from india and on spouse visa.. currently in baden-wurttemberg state. i have roughly 3 yrs work experience post mbbs but in different hospitals and i dont have any experience certificates from them. will that be a problem if i mention in my CV about my work experience and dont submit certificates to prove them? kindly help.

    • Ideally CV/ Lebenslauf should be “Lückenloser”. That means you have to mention all work experiences.
      Please mention that you don’t have any experience certificates for that work.

      Ideally, it will not be considered as your work experience. So better try to get experience certificates. Submit some written certificate, joining letter, resignation letter or some other document as a proof of your work; if asked by them later.

      I had submitted my CV to search for a job. At my hospital, or in interviews, they never asked for experience certificates. But in other hospitals, they often ask for it too.

      I had also submitted CV to “Regierung von Oberbayern” to receive my Berufserlaubnis and Approbation. They had asked for all certificates.

  17. Vishal Raghavan says:

    Hi Dr tejas … i have a few questions regarding the process , a short summary about myself is I am from chennai , india . i have completed my MBBS and internship in chennai at sri ramachandra university . I have completed my B1 in goethe institut now i have come to Bonn for pursuing from B2 level till c1 . currently in mid of B2 .Number 1) I have heard that the durchfall rate in NRW is high and i guess bonn comes under NRW . so my question is how to apply in a different state for FSP and does the gutachten process come after the FSP ??. 2) will the gutachten process start only if i pass the FSP ?? .3) which person did you use for help with approbation documents ?? 4) should i apply for the FSP now itself or after i finish my language studies ??? …… it would be of great use and benefit if you could find the time to answer my questions THANKS IN ADVANCE

    • Hi Vishal, Sorry for the late reply.
      1) I have also heard that in Nordrhein-Westfalen it is somewhat difficult to clear the Fachsprachenprüfunng. But to get an appointment is really easy there, compared to many other states. For example, in Bayern, it takes around 3 to 5 months to get an appointment for Fachsprachprüfung, and it is too much wastage of time. And the exam in Bayern is not easy either. If you find some state where you can apply and get an appointment easily, only then it makes sense. Otherwise, I know many friends in NRW, who have cleared Fachsprachprüfung there. I heard it takes around one to two months to get an appointment for the exam in NRW, so far better than Bayern, and you can give it the second time if you fail!

      2) It is different in each state. In most of the states, Gutachten is considered and processed separately to your Fachsprachprüfung. But in NRW, if you have studied in India, you may have to give the Approbation-exam directly, without going through Gutachten process! In Bayern, Gutachten process takes around 7 months.
      I can not say for sure, but Gutachten is processed separately.
      3) None. I did everything by myself. Asking people and reading blogs helps.
      4) FSP should be given only after proper language level, otherwise, chances of getting failed are high, and that makes chances of getting discouraged higher!

  18. paul raphel says:

    can I get my ug and pg curriculum checked before I go to Germany,and if yes,whom should I contact

  19. Uzma says:

    Hello Dr Tejas,
    I hve completed my MBBS and diploma in ophthalmology followed by two years of work experience ..i m living in hannover for past 4 years..with this work experience should i apply for berufserlaubnis or approbation?

  20. Saleh says:

    Thanks a lot dr Ghetia for the detailed info. One question though. Should I legalise the curriculum along with the Confirmation letter by the German Embassy in the country of the college?


  21. shriram says:

    Hi Tejas. your blogs are really helpful. Currently i am staying in Hamburg and have a date for the fachsprachprufung in august. after passing it hopefully, i wish to move to bayern and continue my process of approbation.
    i have a doubt, can i apply for berufserlaubnis when i am in bayern without a job offer and how long does it take to get the berufserlaubnis when i shift from Hamburg to bayern? A week or a month?

  22. Anuja says:

    Hi tejas. I have completed my diploma in obstetrics and gynecology from India after mbbs.
    Im currently at level b1
    I need to ask, on what basis can I apply for German visa, if I have no acceptance for Hospitation or Job?
    Also when and where should I get my documents translated? The curriculum also needs to be translated? If i use the mci curriculum, will it be valid since mci is dissolved now?

    • — ”I need to ask, on what basis can I apply for German visa, if I have no acceptance for Hospitation or Job?”
      For example, you can apply language visa. i always recommend completing language till minimum B2 level in India. it makes eveerything easier in Germany.

      — ”Also when and where should I get my documents translated?”
      Please see under ‘Translation amd Beglaubigung.
      You will get all information required. Contact the german translators, they will send documents to India. If you need them in India.

      –The curriculum also needs to be translated?
      The curriculum can only be accepted in the medical licensing procedure (Approbation-process) if it has been written ‘in English’ or ‘if the original version is accompanied by a German translation’. If it is in English, not needed in some states. Rules are different in different states. Bettert to ask the authority, where you apply for approbation.

      — If i use the mci curriculum, will it be valid since mci is dissolved now?
      It should be valid. But no proper information.
      But if one document issued by MCI is not valid, all should be invalid. And if one document is considered valid (for examle MCI registration), then all other documents should be considered valid.
      SO, I think, it should be valid!

  23. Dheeraj Gupta says:

    Hi, can you please tel me. What are the documents required for the Defizit Bescheid to submit?

  24. Dr.Sudhangshu says:

    Hi dear Dr.Teja…I came to collect my MBBS curriculum..Its a big file of 536 pages including my ward Cards…of all subject.And from the office also they said Principl Will give Signature in some of the papers..not all 536 Medical college is only medical college…not an University..So for dean Signature I have to collect signature in Letter of confirmation?
    Please help me by giving the answers..
    Dr.sudhangshu Adhikary

  25. Dr.Sudhangshu says:

    Thank you so much Dr.Teja..for quick and clear respons..
    I was confused about the signatures…and stamps…Now its clear.
    Your all the blogs are very very helpful..
    May Almighty bless you.

  26. Dr.Sudhangshu says:

    Almost 300 Pages..that was a big issue..but now clear..

  27. janvi says:

    Hello Dr Tejas.This is Dr Janvi from India.Just read your blog on Internet about medical doctors who doesn’t want to give KP aftet FSP,how to move ahead..Actually i have few questions and would be really grateful if you could help me.
    1.I have done my MBBS and MD(anaesthesia ) and FNB(Critical care ) from India and right now preparing for FSP.I dont want to give KP after i clear FSP so is it possible for me to go through Gutachten way?chances that i will get approbation without KP?
    2.If i clear FSP,till when is it valid?suppose i clear FSP in april 2022 and i apply for BE in Dec 2022 ,can i do this? and in that case is my BE valid till dec 2024?
    3.Afterclearing FSP,can i apply for exemption of KP buy submitting my documents foe Gutachten without applying foe BE or without joining job?

    Please get back to me because i am not getting the answers to these questions.Thank you

    • 1) There is no way to know it before, that you don’t require any Kenntnisseprüfung.
      Gutachten Is definitely required. Even though it takes a longer time, ask other people where positive Gutachten results were…. you can apply there. I know about bayern that they gave positive results before few years.

      2) no idea ‍♂️ ask your ansprechpartner. But I think, even if you have Berufserlaubnis, and you didn’t work…. Normally They extend after two years

      3) yes you can. you can apply even before the FSP exam!

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