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‘Building a second brain’ and ‘Getting Things Done’!

I want to write here about what I learned last weekend. I was searching for an organisation system to use with my daily tasks and productivity problems. The enormous amount of tasks, appointments and thoughts created a chaos in last...


How should you prepare the application for a Hospitation or an Assistenzarzt Stelle?

Lebenslauf I have already created a video about the Lebenslauf, you can find the link here.  I find as the best and simple website to create a properly organized Lebenslauf. As an example, I have attached my CV here, so that...


Salary structure for Doctors in Germany 2019 – 2020 – 2021

Salary structure for Doctors in Germany 2019 – 2020 – 2021 Medical Post Graduation In Germany / Your2ndHeart Official websites to find out current Salary Structure Tarifverträge | Marburger Bund… Brutto Netto Rechner ALL INFORMATION – MEDICAL PG IN...


Issue 3 – Losing a bit of myself – Part 1

Recently, I visited a friend’s home in Dortmund. Although I was not hungry and I was on the strict diet schedule, I could not control myself when the food was in front of my eyes. I ate everything that was...


Issue 2 – Unconscious habits

Within the last few months, I am trying to bring my unconscious habits to my consciousness.


Issue 1 – A weekly blog post

Without going into the discussion why this blog is called ‘Your2ndHeart’ (pronounced as ‘Your second heart’!), I am just accepting that we both have agreed to its existence and its uncanny name. Sitting inside ”Kaffe Fleck” of ‘Mayersche Buchhandlung’ in...


Defizitbescheid according to § 17a Aufenthaltsgesetz (AufenthG) – #2

Although I have already posted about ”Defizitbescheid according to § 17a Aufenthaltsgesetz (AufenthG)” before, at that time, I had posted only the official links that were available to me. Many of you have asked me the questions related to Defizitbescheid...


Gleichwertigkeitsverfahren or Approbationsverfahren

With Berufserlaubnis (temporary medical license, which can only be received after a job offer in almost all states, except Bayern), non-EU Graduates are allowed to work temporarily till their Approbation (permanent medical license) is processed. What is Approbation? In order...


Use comments, not messages

Hi, If you are thinking about asking me something as personal message about “Medical PG in Germany”, then it should be asked on my blog or YouTube channel.! Please don’t send personal messages or emails. Whatever you want to ask,...


Prepare and Submit your Curriculum in Germany

(A part of ‘Medical post graduation in Germany’ series) Like everyone else, one day my Ansprechpartner (Person in charge for my Approbation-process) at ‘Regierung von Oberbayern’ had sent me following Email:- Why is the curriculum so important? Well, before few...