Issue 3 – Losing a bit of myself – Part 1

Recently, I visited a friend’s home in Dortmund. Although I was not hungry and I was on the strict diet schedule, I could not control myself when the food was in front of my eyes. I ate everything that was ordered for me, and also some more to it, and some more!

In spite of our direct wishes to be as healthy as possible, we all have habits that make us at a risk. Some smoke their lungs, some drink their livers, some love to snuff or snort their brains. Some of us forget the danger that adrenaline-rush of any high adventures sports brings along. And me? My problem is my addiction to food.
I love food. I love everything related to food. Its color, its smell, from the way of cooking the food to the way it can be eaten. I love everything about food. And that makes me prone to weight gain, which can eventually lead me to its dangers.

My photo from first-year medical school provides proof to me that I used to have a normal weight. As long as I remember, weight-gain was never a problem. But by droplet by droplet, I gained weight. And at the end of third-year medical college, less exercise combined with high-calorie intake, induced by my stressful personal life, provided the perfect combination for a drastic weight gain.
When I used to live in Mumbai, almost a year after my internship, the first time in my life, I looked at my weight gain as a big problem. Ever since then, it sat there, just as an overlooked daemon, eating my health and self-esteem slowly. I cannot remember any real try to reduce my weight until 2017, so almost 5 to 6 years after real weight gain.

In 2017, it was the first try. Even-though I went to a gym for a short time during my medical studies, the first time in my life in 2017 I started to go to a gym regularly, almost daily. I reduced my calorie intake. I started watching strategic Youtube videos about weight reduction. And the results were wonderful. I reduced almost more than 10 kg of weight within a few months. But everything was not that perfect as I thought.
Somehow after a few months, I started gaining weight in 2018. What went wrong? I wondered! But wondering was not an option, as it went drastically upwards, and after a year my weight was even more than before.

At the starting of this year, I started to formulate thoughts about my weight gain in my mind.
More about it, in next Issue.

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Book Highlight of the Week

”Give openly and freely, and the principle of reciprocity will work by itself.”

– from ”The Little Book of Yes” by Noah Goldstein, Steve Martin, and Robert B. Cialdini

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    Interesting and eyeopening section is good. Your blog about six feet under was really good. Please write about review/suggestions of books.

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