Job Seeker visa – Preparing Application

If you have not read First job seeker visa post.. you should do it first…
Job Seeker Visa – Why and when?

In this post, I will discuss required documents and some things that you need to remember while applying for jobseeker visa. I and some of my friends have used checklist given officially and collected all the documents.

Process for any national visa (including jobseeker)

Steps for applications are properly mentioned on the official website, so there is no need to discuss them here.

I will directly go to the checklist and required documents for jobseeker visa.

Job Seeker visa German embassy, India checklist


jobseeker checklist1

  • They (German Embassy/Consulate officers) are strict regarding passports.
    Once my Schengen visa application was not accepted. My passport was meeting all the criteria required, but passport photograph was 7 years old so it did not match the recent photographs that I gave along with the application.
  • Look at your return date and passport expiry date. Passport should have minimum 12 months validity after you return.
  • If you have been to other countries before, copies of visa and all data pages are required to be submitted along with passport copy.
  • I will write another post for all points that create confusion in the application form. Just wait for it. Although mostly, it’s easy and simply understandable.

cover letter

  • I am attaching one format of a letter so that you can have an idea about what to write in it.

Job seeker cover letter format


    Go to ‘suchen’. And search your university. And take a printed proof that it’s H+
    If it’s not H+, as long as I know, you cannot apply for jobseeker visa. Please contact the regarding authority in Germany. Email them and get info for further process. Most of the Indian govt colleges are H+. About others, I don’t know, you should check it.



Work cv

  • You can make your own cv. Make it simple.
    You can use help of this… (Do not attach any documents in cv.)


              For visa application CV can be submitted in English or German Language.

  • You need to attach all documents after cv.
    – 10th Marksheet
    – 12th Marksheet
    – MBBS Marksheets
    – Degree Certificate
    – State/MCI Registration (MCI is better because easier to verify)
    – Job experience certificates, joining letter
    – If you are still working, you may need to present No Objection Certificate from your employer

proof of accomodation

  • If you have a friend or relative in Germany, this is the best option. You can ask for this. It will say that he will allow you to stay with them. There is no proof of relation needed to prove. But keep a copy of their Aufenthaltstitel or some German identity with you, you can submit it only if required.
    Change details, as required; I am attaching a copy of this obligation letter.

Formal obligation letter for stay

  • If it’s not possible to take a letter from a friend, you can book your stay on
    Book for 10 days of stay in any city and hotel/hostel of your desire. And take the one which allows free cancellation. And check that how many days before arrival, you can cancel it. (You don’t have to pay at the time of booking.)
    Although it’s obvious, your booking should be at a reasonable price hotel, so that your bank account can show that you can spend that much for stay of 10 days!!
    (After visa arrives you can cancel it, and find a Wohnung/Zimmer on According to your requirements in your desired city.)
  • Some consulate may ask for whole 6 months residence proof, and will not try to accept 10 days stay proof…
    You can simply tell them that
    – I know language properly, so I can search a Zimmer within 10 days in Germany.
    – If I will book directly from here and visa will not be accepted, I will not receive deposit money back due to an agreement with the landlord.
    – My blocked account ensures my living expenses.
    – Booking a room from India will be expensive and in Germany I can find a room according to my requirements.
    – Booking a hotel room for 6 months is very costly. That’s not thoughtful.
    If you don’t win the argument, well you may need to find someone who can give you an invitation letter for the stay or you may need to find a place on wg-gesucht.

financial means

  • Some say blocked account necessary, some say for jobseeker visa, it’s not necessary.
    I would say open one Deutsche Bank account in Indian branch. And one blocked account (4020 euros) in German DB branch.
    Don’t transfer the money from DB Indian account to German blocked account before you apply. (keep minimum around 3.5 lakh) If they ask for the transfer requirement, then do it; and send a receipt and transfer confirmation documents to them via email.

Using other than DB creates problems of verification for them, and it may delay your visa approval. Opening these two accounts is highly recommended to ease the procedure for you and them.

  • If your father/any sponsor is paying your finances. One option is to transfer money to your DB account.
    If that’s not possible, contact Embassy/Consulate for required documents. Mostly his salary proof and an obligation letter from him may be required.


personal status

  • One of them is required, not both.

marriage birth

  • All the proof should have the same name as your passport. Especially Birth Certificate.
    You correct them with proper proofs. I corrected my birth certificate within only 4 hours from its origin.
  • If you don’t have any birth certificate, I don’t know the required process, you can contact Embassy or your nearest place where birth certificates are issued.

passport pic

Read step 2 on this link

varification dd

additional documents

  • As per rule job seeker visa (or any national visa) should be applied from the consulate or embassy, according to your last 6 months residence. If you fall under different consulates or embassy on your passport permanent residence and current residence. You may need to prove your current residence in the area where you live.
    German Missions in IndiaDifferent consulates and embassy have different rules for this. If you are applying at Delhi, a letter from your work employer or a letter from a language institute or any proof of your residence will serve the purpose.
  • Other proofs will be asked by them afterwards when they will authenticate your documents, after acceptance of your application.
    If you have (not necessary), keep copies of (do not submit these documents along with application of visa until asked)
    – your PAN card, Driving licence, election identity card, identity card of your workplace
    – Your parent’s Pan card, election identity card, their identity card of work, Adhar card or passport (containing birth date)
    -Your siblings education proof and identity (the one with birth dates on it)

one set

  • Prepare three sets; they said only one, but they always ask for two sets at the time of submission. And one set for you, to remember which documents you have submitted.


  • After your visa approval….
    You can take insurance from any given approved companies covering your whole stay in Germany. (Counting from boarding date to return date in India.)
  • I have booked Reliance General Insurance both time. I have never used this insurance in Germany, so can’t comment it further.
    But it’s cheap, easier to book via internet and they give German sim card free. You can send your contact to friends and relatives from Indian airport. (Simcard will be given to you at Airport.)

Approved Travel Medical Insurance

(Please send me further information via comments or email if you can provide.)

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Tejas Ghetia

Tejas Ghetia is a doctor by trade and a writer by heart. An introvert atheist. Having virtues of silence and observance. Enjoying each day with his full consciousness. Befriended with books and movies.Liberating himself with his adventures of literary and philosophical type! Captivated by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Osho, Kahlil Gibran, Richard Dawkins, Kafka, JKR etc.

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86 Responses

  1. Rohit says:

    Doctor how can I contact you if I want to…?? I’m from India have done my MBBS ..doing my internship presently

  2. Hello, When I check here to create the blocked account : ,

    it says it is available only for students. Could you please let me know if there is another form to create blocked account for Job seekers ? or should we use this itself (with some changes in the form) ?

  3. sudheesh says:

    I think the checklist has changed from the time you published this. Nonetheless,Thanks a lot for compiling this data. It is of great help.

      • sudheesh says:

        Hi Dr Ghatia,

        Both my graduation and post graduation are H+. But what does H+ signifies ?



        • Im Bereich “Institutionen” sind überwiegend ausländische Hochschuleinrichtungen verzeichnet. Ausnahmsweise (wie z. B. in der Schweiz oder in der Türkei) sind auch Sekundarschulen erfasst, wenn dies für die Bewertung ausländischer Schulabschlüsse hinsichtlich des Hochschulzugangs erforderlich ist. Anhand des Institutionstyps ist die Art der verzeichneten Institution leicht zu erkennen.

          Mit Hilfe der Informationen im Bereich “Institutionen” kann festgestellt werden, ob es sich bei einer Einrichtung, an der ein Abschluss erworben wurde, um eine Hochschuleinrichtung handelt oder nicht. Die Institutionen sind, sofern von Bedeutung, mit ihrer Historie und den eventuell existierenden alternativen Bezeichnungen dokumentiert. So ist es möglich, auch Institutionen aufzufinden, die es zum heutigen Zeitpunkt nicht mehr gibt oder die ihren Namen geändert haben. Darüber hinaus können Institutionen recherchiert werden, für die mehrere Bezeichnungen gebräuchlich sind.

          Die Einrichtungen sind in Gruppen, den sogenannten “Institutionstypen”, zusammengefasst und mit einem bestimmten “Status” versehen. Am Status kann abgelesen werden, ob eine Institution als Hochschule betrachtet werden kann oder nicht. Der Status einer Institution kann H+, H- und H+/- sein.

          H+ bedeutet, dass die betreffende Institution in ihrem Sitzland als Hochschule anerkannt ist und auch in Deutschland als Hochschulinstitution betrachtet wird. H- bedeutet, dass die Anerkennung/Akkreditierung im Herkunftsstaat fehlt und/oder keine Einstufung als Hochschule in Deutschland erfolgen kann. H+/- kennzeichnet Institutionen, für die keine eindeutige Aussage getroffen werden kann. Dies ist z.B. der Fall, wenn an einer Institution bestimmte Studiengänge angeboten werden, die dem Hochschulbereich angehören, während andere nach Dauer und Niveau darunter liegen oder nicht akkreditiert sind. In solchen Fällen ist die Prüfung des einzelnen Abschlusses erforderlich. Ein Blick in den Kommentar zum Institutionstypus kann in diesem Zusammenhang wichtige Zusatzinformationen liefern.

          Bei den HochschuIinstitutionen in anabin finden sich in der Regel auch Informationen über die dort zu erwerbenden Abschlüsse. Dies führt häufig zu Fehlinterpretationen, da angenommen wird, dass die Auflistung der Abschlüsse an den Hochschulen vollständig sei. Dies ist jedoch nicht der Fall und kann angesichts der Vielzahl von Abschlüssen, die an den einzelnen Hochschulen erworben werden können, auch nie erreicht werden. Die Tatsache, dass ein Abschluss bei einer Hochschule nicht aufgeführt ist, bedeutet also nicht zwangsläufig, dass er dort nicht existiert. Im Zweifelsfall kann ein Blick auf die Homepage der Institution weiterhelfen.

          – Anabin

  4. HI,
    My university is not listed , should i drop the idea for job seeking visa or there is another alternative?

  5. B Nayak says:

    Hi Tejas,

    Do we need to apply for any formal certificate in anabin ? I spoke with the German Consulate and they said 1st we need to apply in anabin. Did you have to apply or you just took a printout of the university listed there ?

  6. Samuel says:

    Dear Sir,
    If I come to Germany can you help me in searching of accommodation,Is paying guest facility available like USA?

  7. Vishnu Vishak says:

    Hi Tejas, If we have an Verpflichtungserklärung fromour sponser, do we need to show our bank statement for living expenses.

    • No… But Verflichtungserklärung should explain that your all expenses will be covered by this person. Then there is no need to show more money like the other case without this erklärung

  8. Buddhiman Gurung says:

    Hello Dr. Tejas.
    Very much thanks for all the Informations that you have been providing.
    I would like to ask something, please reply what would be suitable according to your thinking…

    Recently, I got the Berufserlaubnis from Bayern when i was in Germany. But just then(i.e. 20 days later) my visa expired which in my case was a Sprachvisum for 1 year during which i did the Language, took the B2-C1 Medizin course, completed a month of Hospitation too. The Auslandsbehörde did not extend my visa and so i had to leave Germany. Now i have been trying to find a job from various websites but most of them reject me saying they prefer Approbation over Berufserlaubnis.
    So, the problem is i cannot apply for a Job visa without any job offer.
    1) Should i apply for a job seeking visa to Germany or 2) Should i keep trying to find a job to apply directly for a Job Visa or 3) Should i register myself for the Approbation from my Home Country??

    Thanks in advance. Good Day.

    • If you already have Berufserlaubnis, then you can apply for Jobseeker visa. It will be easily approved. But, before you apply, read posts and watch videos for further details and rules of job seeker visa that I posted.

      Applying approbation from other country is a time wasting task, even if it is possible.
      And use the time to prepare yourself for Gleichwertigkeitprüfung.

  9. Hello Teja,

    Great blog for people applying job seeker visa like me.

    I have small doubt, do we need to submit all documents of my previous employer , if am working or only offer letter is sufficient.

  10. kumar chandran says:

    Dear Tejas,
    The checklist for job seeker visa says that Ration card with English translation is required and also birth certificate of spouse. Did they ask for these two documents in your case?
    Thanks in advance!

    • I do not remember clearly now.
      But if you are married, marriage certificate and birth certificate of wife/ children should be submitted.
      I had submitted Aadhar card, and do not remember about Ration Card; I think I gave a copy of it too, but without translation.

  11. Buddhiman Gurung says:

    Thank You for the reply. I have already watched your videos regarding the Job Seeker Visa. They re very helpful. I wanted to ask a thing more.
    As i already mentioned I am unable to find a job until this moment. Are there any job searching agencies available which helps us to find a job??Even after arriving in Germany if i am unable to find a job that means i will just have to keep preparing for the Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung inspite of having a Berufserlaubnis and let my Berufserlaubnis go to a waste. Any suggestions please??

    • Job searching agencies, like lr consultants, work for free and take money from Hospitals, but they will not help until you have your approbation.
      And others, that take money to search for a job, I never recommend them.

  12. Vamsinath says:

    I Am working in Finance sector , Is Germany language requirement is there to apply for Job Seeker Visa?

  13. karanjeet singh says:

    Hi Tejas
    can you help me for verification can i check my education is h+ or not ?


    Hello Sir,

    I am into automotive field, Looking for Job seeker Visa. I have read your post its very helpful for the people like me. I have query with the post, you have mentioned the name in all submitted documents should me same as Passport name. But In all my documents it is SRAVANI HV, except Passport i.e, SRAVANI HUKUMATHI VENKATA. So do I need to change my name in all the documents ?

    Please guide me.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Sravani HV

  15. Hi Tejas,
    I completed my MBA from Germany this year in February and came back to India now I wish to apply for job-seeker visa from India. Will I be eligible for 18 months or 6 months? And having a German degree and language certificates, does that help in faster visa processing?

    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks

    • I think 18 months… but why didn’t you get it in Germany? What was the reason for coming back to Germany? Please inform us what happens with your case. Thanks

      • Thanks Tejas for your reply. I came back due to some personal issue and I also got one offer in India. But now I am rethinking going back.

      • Hi Tejas,
        Thank you for your posts and guidance. I appeared for the jobseeker visa interview today and they told me if I get a job I will have to get it converted to work permit from India. Can you suggest the process after getting a job, how to get it converted it to work permit because it does not make sense to come back to India just for applying for work permit. Thanks !

  16. Gopal says:

    thanks for your valuable information, do we need to take the verification DD prior to the interview or do we need to take it once they accept it

  17. Dr.Arun Gopal Yadav Avula says:

    Hello Dr.Tejas Ghatia,
    Thank you so much for the videos and this beautiful and user friendly website for doctors. I am also a doctor from Andhra Pradesh and have recently completed my C1. Its been 2 yrs since i completed my medicine. I have worked for one yr and then was busy with the language. Sir now i am struck with the choice of Visa. After discussing with few people I came to a decision to apply for Jobseeker Visa. Sir, I must tell here that the checklist have changed sir. And there is nothing regarding the DD for certificate verification. Can check at this address.

    Sir, I would like to know what were the questions asked to you in the visa interview. And also wanna know, how is the prospect for Indian Docs in surgical branches? And what is a better thing to do? Whether to apply for a Berufserlaubnis in certain state first or simply apply for Stelle all over DL , attend the interviews and after getting a contract apply for it. Coz applying for Beruferlaubnis in a certain states will decrease our chances. So what do you think is a better thing to do?

    Thanking you so much in advance sir.

    • Please share me a link of website page, where you found this link.
      – States of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh ,Telangana and the Union Territory of Puducherry belong to the consular area of the German Consulate General Chennai.
      You are right that they removed it from the application form, but it is still on website…
      Please ask consulate and confirm information.
      They mostly ask about what you have done till date, why Germany, what will you do there, your future plans in Germany, Family Status etc.
      For others questions, one has to decide for themselves according to situations. Can’t give proper answer.!

  18. T CHARANRAJ says:

    Hi Bro,

    Thanks you for giving lot of information. I am software engineer have 5.7 years exp in SAP field. I want to apply job seeker visa to hunt job in Germany. I have few questions kindly help me.

    1. I do not have reference in Germany Is it mandatory to have reference?
    2. Kindly give me the application form for job seeker visa.
    3. How much amount i need to maintain in my account.
    4. Cover letter, Resume. Motivation letter, Obligation letter should in Germany or i can give in
    English also?
    5. German language is mandatory to get job?
    6. In which area software jobs are more?
    7. All the marks list required Attestation?

    My Embassy appointment is Aug 08 2017. I need to get all the documents before.


    • 1. Not mandatory
      2. available on official website of German Embassy.! Longterm visa application form.
      3. Enough to show expenses of 6 months. Amount changes between 3 to 5 lacs.
      4. It can be submitted in either of the languages. German is the language, and Germany is a country!
      5. yes
      6. no idea
      7. What attestation? I didn’t understand.

    • Gaurav Makwana says:

      Hello Charan,
      How was your visa interview?I am also preparing for the job seeker much they have charged for documents verification fees?is it refundable if visa not approved?and health insurance required during interview or after visa approval?
      We have created one group on WhatsApp for Job seeker visa guide and information may ping me on my mobile number.-+91-9727742961.

      Gaurav Makwana.

      • Sanket Patil says:

        Hello Gaurav,
        I have the same doubt and need to be addressed by someone who has already been to this process. Can you tell me if you have received the satisfied answer on the same.


  19. Madhu krishna K.S
    India | Bangalore

    1: Is it mandatory to learn German initially to apply for Germany job seeker visa and will the consulate reject the application citing the reason for lack of German language skills?
    A: yes, it is necessary. Without language it is difficult to find a job and even engineers may have to return to India. This visa can be extended only if you have a job contract.
    Consulate may or may not reject application of job seeker visa, but it will not serve the purpose of your stay in Germany, if you can not find a job.

    2: In one of your posts, you have mentioned that for doctors German language is required and what about for IT people..what are the chances of obtaining the job in Germany in the field of IT?
    A: No idea about IT, but B1 level language is always required . I would say, even if you are not using it as language of communication in your field. It is required for general communication in Germany.

    3: In case if German learning is required initially, then how to go for it. should i join any institute or learn online ? is it necessary to clear some German language certifications like IELTS or TOEFL..
    A: For engineers, other exams for English language are also necessary. Online learning works only for few people. Most of us have to join a course, just to maintain a rhythm of reading and learning new words and grammar, also improving speaking skills alone is a big hurdle.

    4: What would be the reason for rejecting German job seeker visa..? what all points should i look into before applying for German job seeker visa..
    A: documents, money and reason of Application explained properly on cover letter should be good enough to pass the visa.

  20. Naresh

    1. Is it mandatory to learn German language for obtaining the job seeker visa?FYI,I have been completed A1 level form Goethe zentrum institute in 2009.Will the certificate valid for the visa or again I need to opt for the language training?
    A: language certificates are valid for 2 years. Why do you want to apply job seeker visa if you have not completed language? Without learning language, application of Job Seeker Visa does not make sense to me.

    2.How many language levels should needs to be complete before applying the Visa?
    A: According to your requirement and what you want to work in Germany! For a doctor minimum B2 (C1 is better), for the field where language is not that much important, minimum B1, I would recommend.

    3.Just assume,As I got the Job seeker visa and then I resigned from the current company and informed the same to the company management as I got the visa and moving to the Germany.Then they finally agreed to provide the same job in Germany based up on my,will it works or is there any restrictions as I shouldn’t get job offer form the same company in Germany.
    A: Of course, it will not work . It may work if someone from visa office, makes a mistake.! Otherwise you are not allowed to work with job seeker visa. If you receive a job in Germany, you have to apply work visa.
    And do not assume, resign only if you want! Not with expectation that they will take you back.!

  21. Ashish from Delhi, India

    1. CV (Any sample CV if you have, Or what type of CV you recommend).
    2. Motivation Letter (Though I have the idea in my mind and the relevant content, still it will be great if you can share any sample format or style for making such SOP).


  22. Sangeetha

    I need some help for obtaining only the formal obligation letter for proof of accommodation.

    A: you can download a copy from blog and write down your own. checkout my blog there is a copy available there.

  23. Biranchi Kr. nayak

    Hi Tejas,

    I am a software engineer and I was looking for information on Job Seeker Visa and came through your website. I must say, I got almost all information from there. Thanks a lot brother.

    I have 2 questions. During visa interview, do they take the interview in English or German ?
    And, within how many days one must travel, once someone get the visa ?

    And Thanks again .

    With Regards
    Biranchi Kr. nayak


    English. and some basic into in German. Also depends upon the language level that you have.

    Travel dates. You can decide the date after receiving visa too.
    But you may have to give dates at the time of application too. Depends upon consulates and Embassy where you apply. better to ask it there.

  24. Josue:

    Hi Dr.Tejas Ghetia,

    I found a blog post from you regarding the process for acquiring a job seeker visa in Germany. I’m currently on a student visa and would like to change it to a job seeker visa. I have a degree in Computer Engineering from my home country of Honduras and am currently taking some online courses to gain some additional certificates.

    My question is this: in your experience, how long can changing to an arbeitsuche visa take? My student visa expires on oct 19th and I don’t know if that gives me enough time to change to it.

    Thank you very much for your time,


    Hi Josue,

    Normally it takes around 2 months to receive Job seeker visa, sometimes even less. But you want to convert your visa and it will make procedure complicated. You should go to your auslaenderbehoerde and ask them, as it will also depend upon your contact person there.
    But doctors are required to present a berufserlaubnis (work permit)/approbation to get this visa in Germany, but you will have a totally different requirements so better to ask directly at office as soon as possible, so that you can prepare documents.

    With friendly greetings,
    Tejas Ghetia

  25. Myself Ejass S working in Bangalore.I am planning to applying for German Job seeker Visa now.I have read your article regarding job seeker visa process.I have few queries regarding where to apply for visa as my current address is in Bangalore and my permanent address is in TamilNadu.Please let me know where to apply..

    Thanks in Advance

    Ask embassy because they decide according to your situation. Mostly if you are living in an area of consulate/embassy since more than 6 months than you can apply there. Otherwise passport address.
    But asking embassy is always a better and sure option.

  26. T CHARANRAJ says:

    Hi bro,
    Thanks for your response, I have three more questions.
    1. Regarding health insurance: in which country county health insurance we have enroll;German health insurance or Indian company health insurance ( like Bajaj Allianze , reliance )

    2. Regarding Bank account : It should India bank account in order to maintain amount or German bank account?

    3. Travel insurance is required for Job seeker visa?


  27. 1 and 3 : Travel insurance is required as mentioned in post above. Link to list is already given.

    2: explained in Detail in post above.

  28. Alok Saxena says:


    I have a one question, which is missed out. My question is that why Mumbai and New Delhi document verification fees is differ?

    And Looking for suggestion, I am born and bought from New Delhi. My education, marriage and my passport and first job was in Delhi, but I am living in Mumbai since 11 years.

    I went two times (1 year & second one month) in UK for job.

    Suggest me which embassy should I apply Mumbai or New Delhi.

    Here is twist, My passport has to be renew in coming months. I have two option one is change address to Mumbai and get renew from Mumbai or I will go to Delhi and get renew there. Let me add my wife and one son has to be renew. And also I have to get passport for my little daughter.Kindly shed some lights. 🙂

  29. Jai says:

    Hi Tejas,
    Thanks for sharing valuable information.

    I have question-
    1) I want to apply for visa but my passport will be expire after 4 months of my planned schedule return date.will embassy accept it?


  30. sachandan says:

    Dear sir ,I am chef from India.can i get job seeker visa if i give necessary document?

  31. Pradeep Kumar Pasupuleti says:

    Hi Doctor ..I have went German consultant to apply my job seeker visa with all my documents mentioned in check list but after went consular was asked me obligation letter that would be ask your friend to visit in local government and pay some amount to them then it get it from them or else show the hotel accombination but hotel is too expensive, i have submitted a obligation letter which was gave my friend..Which is better is submit a obligation to embassy ..could you please help on this

    she is asked me the below points

    1.obligation letter from local government or hotel
    2. What ever you have applied for companies then all names should mentioned in cover letter and what ever response either positive or negative take the mail print outs
    3.That h+ degree print out

    Could you please suggest on these steps again i have my slot on 8nov

  32. Shvet says:

    I have a masters in Automotive Engineering and I have my German job seeker visa next month. i have a couple of questions for that..
    1) Is some experience mandatory to apply for job seeker visa?
    2) I have learned German language up till A2 level but not have appeared in any of the exams of Max Mueller Bhawan. Is it necessary to show some qualification for german exam for the visa?

    Please reply soon.
    thank u

    • I would not recommend to apply Job Seeker Visa without language level. Some engineers had to return because of difficulties in finding a job without minimum B1 language level. I would say, a student visa is better if you do not have B2 level as minimum language level.

  33. Tarun says:

    Hello Dr. Tejas, very nice and active blog.
    One query – Though i read but just to confirm. So after getting a job seeker visa – are we eligible to get a job similar to any other citizen of Germany or EU nations ?
    In other word we do not need any visa sponsorship from employer if we have job seeker visa and we can compete with other candidates ? Please confirm this
    and it is a candidate responsibility then to arrange his own work permit after getting a job letter or something has to be done by your employer also.
    Thanks in Advance

  34. smrithy says:

    Thank you very much for your details info regarding job seekers visa.I just have one doubt , should we book the visa appointment under schenegen visa or National visa category?

  35. Nikunj says:

    Hi Tejas,

    Thanks for details,

    I studied Diploma (12+3) Electronics and Communication Engineer (Technical Examination Board)

    I cannot find Technical Board in anabin , so How can I move forward?

  36. Nikunj says:

    Thanks Tejas.

    I will visit your site/blog as I make progress.

    By chance- do you have any reference for IT Job consultancy , who can help with job in IT.

  37. Prabha says:

    Upon approval of Job seeker visa, when does the visa duration start? Is it upon arrival or counted from the visa grant date?

    • neither of them!

      Your visa is approved for 6 months.

      You give a flight date / start date of visa along with application. But it is only approved for 6 months, not with any fixed date.

      When you submit your passport for stamping of visa, they ask you again for your flight date / starting date of visa. And it will be the final one.

      I have heard that… ( not so sure) if you fly to Germany after 20 days of the stamped starting date and you’re in Germany. Those starting 20 days are not used by you! And you can extend them in Germany at foreign visa office ( Ausländerbehörde). But last lines needs confirmation.

  38. Anitta Rose says:

    What happened the abinab site do not included my university name? Is it main my education not equal to german education criteria?

  39. Your post has been gold. This post is more than 2 years old and there still isn’t enough information on the Job Seeker Visa.

    I was able to prepare my application mostly with the help of your post and and somewhat updated information on the consulate website. Some of your links are broken but they are easy to find if you search for them. Please fix them when you can.

    Thanks a lot for this and appreciate your time and effort helping the community.

  40. Sanket Patil says:

    Hello Tejas,

    I have gone through your several blogs and your2nd heart videos.There is No doubt about your in detail explanation and attention to detail on every single aspect of the document which required for job seeker visa (JSV). having said that JSV aspirant still have so many question and concern around this like i have right now.

    Let me directly jump to the concern without wasting your precious time .

    1) Where do i get the exact information of DD amount and In favor of name (I tried calling embassy it did not help)
    2)What happened if Application get rejected. Would they(German embassy) be in state to return the DD or the effort and amount goes on vain.
    3)Regarding the obligation letter- My friend is going to sponsor accommodation during my stay in Germany. after a lot of investigation i found that only formal letter will suffice
    to show the embassy officer in the visa interview.However i will still carry the below docs for safer side
    >Rent agreement between landlord and tenant
    >Bank account detail and statement of my friend
    >Offer letter from employer
    I wanted you to enlighten me if i have to carry some other docs apart from this which would be added advantage .
    4)Health insurance- I think this has to be done after we get the Visa stamping right?

    I look forward to see your inputs which will make my life easy during my visa interview.
    Thanks in advance!

  41. Sanket says:

    Hello Tejas,

    I have gone through your several blogs and your2nd heart videos.There is No doubt about your in detail explanation and attention to detail on every single aspect of the document which required for job seeker visa (JSV). having said that JSV aspirant still have so many question and concern around this like i have right now.

    Let me directly jump to the concern without wasting your precious time .

    1) Where do i get the exact information of DD amount and In favor of name (I tried calling embassy it did not help)
    2)What happened if Application get rejected. Would they(German embassy) be in state to return the DD or the effort and amount goes on vain.
    3)Regarding the obligation letter- My friend is going to sponsor accommodation during my stay in Germany. after a lot of investigation i found that only formal letter will suffice
    to show the embassy officer in the visa interview.However i will still carry the below docs for safer side
    >Rent agreement between landlord and tenant
    >Bank account detail and statement of my friend
    >Offer letter from employer
    I wanted you to enlighten me if i have to carry some other docs apart from this which would be added advantage .
    4)Health insurance- I think this has to be done after we get the Visa stamping right?

    I look forward to see your inputs which will make my life easy during my visa interview.
    Thanks in advance!

  42. amit gupta says:

    Hi Tejas,

    I read your blogs such a great information….thanks.

    I am planning to go on job seeker visa for Germany in IT field (website dev.). My wife and my son can accompany with me & along my documents I have to prepare my wife documents like resume and account details and fund value like 3.5 lakh individually for every one.

    My friend is living there so my friend can give germany id and that will help in my visa application.

    These are some queries in which I need your help.


    Amit Gupta

  1. January 25, 2016

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