Submit information, help others and yourself!

I have realised this blog needs a good improvement and there is a lot of information not available on the blog.

It would be a great help if other people would also write to improve it and send me properly written information posts with links, videos and images.

Information will be published with a proper name of the writer or information provider.

How much time does it take?
It will take only 30 minutes to one hour at most to write one post.

We require information, not literature.
If editing part is not done. No worries. It’s not a literary post; it should be informative… Grammar and spelling mistakes are always acceptable.

What should I write?

  • Documental procedures and contacts of authorities along with your experience, to issue any important document required…
    -Good standing certificate process in your country or state;
    -apostille process and validity of it in Germany,
    -Police clearance certificate process in Germany or your home country
    -Issue process of Health certificate in Germany
    -Beglaubigungen of documents
    – submit process of documents to any authorities
    – Lebenslauf/ cv preparation
    -Deutsche Bank account or blocked account process
    – cover letter and visa process with details
    – any other documental process
  • Your experience about exams. (it doesn’t matter you cleared it or not)… Telc B2-C1, Fachsprachenprüfung, Kenntnisprüfung…
    – When did you give the exam? Where?
    – What were the parts of exams? Time, that was given to you for each part?
    – Who took the exam? Not the Name, please! But qualification or medical speciality of examiner… if you know…
    – How did you prepare for it? Any classes? Which books did you use? Please elaborate with subjects and books in detail.. if possible.
    -How was the environment during the exam?
    -Any advise you want to add? Any mistakes that other should not do? Any Good things to remember?
    – any other point you can add…
  • Experience in Hospitation or as Assistenzarzt
  • Any information that gives idea about rules and regulations in different states regarding Approbation-process
  • Anything that will help or provide information to Non-EU Doctors preparing for Germany.
  • Anything that improves or corrects posts and written content, that has already been published on blog

Please don’t directly copy from other blogs and send it to me. You can always quote blogs with their links at the end. As I have done before, you can make a post where only links are given regarding one topic; and if a person reads all links you can get all required information.

Where should I send it?

Please send it to me on ‘‘…

Please do not ask any information about approbation or post graduation process via email… For that use Fb-Groups

What is the need of doing this?

Everyone is facing problems at one point or another due to lack of information. Your 30 minutes will save the time of so many people. And the same way, you can use information provided by others.

Some doctors are complaining that others are not helping for information. Now it’s your turn if you can.

Sharing is good. Share this post to those who can provide information to others.

Thank you.