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” Hospitation is a praktikum(internship) for doctors. If i remember well, formally you are not allowed to do medical acts and you should only observe and do things under the direct supervision of a doctor. In practice, a lot depends on what the clinic and the people there are like. Some clinics are relaxed about that and if they see you have experience, they will let you exercise more initiative. Others won’t. On the first day you will be told what to expect. In any case, all that is unofficial, medical acts are performed by fully Approbiert doctors who also have the responsibility for them. Some patients feel uneasy when a student performs something on them.

Many hospitals provide free accommodation in a dormitory for the duration of the Hospitation.

Having done a Hospitation will distinguish you from other foreign applicants who haven’t. however German graduates spend the last year of their studies doing a structured praktisches jahr. so u wont be on par with them.”

– by northtraveller on Toytown Germany


How to apply for a clinical attachment (Eine Hospitation) in Germany?

How to read reviews of the hospital you are going to do your clinical attachment (Hospitation) in? Or even your residency?

Shared Experience

My Internship experience- PG Germany


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  1. Danke für das Zitieren! Ich habe eine Benachrichtigung bekommen und bin weswegen auf diesen Artikel aufmerksam geworden! Sehr nett und professional von Ihnen! Viel Erfolg!

  2. tejasghetia says:


  3. Nelly Abbani says:

    Thank you for your blog. Is it possible to get a hospitation with only a b1 level?

    • It is possible that get Hospitation with B1 too. But it will not be helpful to you. As you will not understand enough for improvements of language. And B1 is a lower level to learn medical terminology in German or to communicate with patients.

      Better to do it after B2. Even after B2 many people face problems!!

  4. Priyank says:

    Hello, your blog is very helpful, thanks
    One question, can we get hospitation on bases of provisional licence from india? It usually takes 4 to 6 months to get permanent licence and I don’t want to waste that much time.

    • it is possible, as far as I know; because Hospitations are given directly by Hospitals and you don’t require to complete your studies for that. But language is important to gain something from Hospitations.

  5. sona says:

    hi sir, can i apply for internship there in germany

    • I have to start by saying that, I do not have any official links or information .
      But I heard that at least last year, one friend completed internship with a temporary work permit for internship in Germany. You don’t receive an Approbation in Germany at completion of internship. You have to get the internship recognised from your nativ country or the country where you learned your medical education. You have to get it recognized in that country, then submit your medical registration of that country in Germany along with other documents for Berufserlaubnis application. Your documents will be verified and you will be issued Berufserlaubnis, and then you can initiate further Approbationsverfahren as per rules.

    • If you want to ask about Hospitation… not internship…. then please read post again, information link is available in post. Thanks


    is it legally allowed to apply for approbation in more than one state in Germany simultaneously?

    • No it is not allowed. It can lead to rejection of your application, don’t do that.

      But you can transfer the same application another state after applying it in one state.
      Or you can take the approbation application back from firt state, and apply it in another state with a cover letter letter along with documents proving that you already took your first application back.

  7. asmae says:

    Hello, thanks for your blog! It is very helpflu!
    I am at a point where I am very confused and stuck. And your help would be wonderful.
    I have a B2 certificate, I have collected all my documents for the approbation application. But i am hesitating between Hessen and Baden-Wuttemberg. Any advice on this would be great.
    Secondly, is it mandatory to send the original of our diplomas. I find this very confusing, as what would happen if it gets lost in the mail, or what if I want to get it back, is it an easy procedure.
    Thirdly, it says on the documents for the approbation that I need to have a job offer position, is it mandatory as well or i can send my documents without it.
    What about hospitation, is it easy to get it, do you know anyone who was also offered accomodation as I am having financial difficulties and won’t be able to afford rent.
    Thanks in advance.

    • — no idea about the current situation in Hessen und Baden Wurttemberg
      — who asked for original documents? As long as I know, they do not take any original documents.! Please ask again, and if you are required to ask to submit original documents, submitting personally will be a good and thoughtful solution, with asking the fixed time, how long will they keep your documents.
      But again, I never heard that anyone takes original documents!
      — If those were my original documents, I would never send them via mail.! I don’t trust any mail completely!
      — it is different in all states, you will have to ask in the state where you apply. Whatever they require, send them. But it is different in each state. But most of them do not require any job offer for approbation application. Living in that state is enough to start the process.
      — in which branch do you want to work? where do you live at present? what are your requirements?

  8. Savio marel oliver says:

    Thank you for sincere effort which has helped our doctor community. I would really appreciate it if you could share some light on my situation. Which no one has given me concrete advice.
    I have been offered a position as a Pratikant in Nordhessen. I am not Annerkennt als a doctor here. But they have offered me money (1.5) and stay for free. They have also asked me for my Arbeiterlaubnis. Which i don’t have. I am trying to change to 17a which lets work for 20 hrs
    But in the vertrag it is mentioned that I have to work for 40hrs as a Pratikant per week.
    Is this offer actually valid in my situation?

    • as long as I understand the situation.
      -one is not allowed to work or receive money without arbeitserlaubnis (from arbeitsamt)
      – one is not allowed to work in a hospitation ( if it’s ‘mit arzliche tätigkeit’) if you do not hve berufserlaubnis and arbeitserlaubnis

      you are allowed to do Hospitation ‘without/ohne ärztliche tätigkeit‘; if you do not have berufserlaubnis and arbeitserlaubnis. (berufserlaubnis is a temporary work permit as doctor, which is different from arbeitserlaubnis)

      Do not start working without clearing these points with clinic and ausländerbehörde , it can create problems in future.

  9. Cem Aygören says:

    I think the links at the end of blog are not working.

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