How can I learn German using Technology?

There are lot of ways to learn German via Internet and applications.
I am sharing here the ones that helped me one or another way.
You can click on the links, look at their details and decide for yourself.


  1. German is Easy (explanations are good and posts make a lot of concepts very clear to mind)
  2. Memrise  (really helpful to learn vocab)
  3. Canoonet (improve your grammar)
  4. German.about
  5. schubert (practice your grammar)
  6. Lang 8 (improve your writing)
  7. DW Deutschkurse
  8. Dictionaries (leo,

Youtube Channels
(Watch episode from oldest to newest)

  1. Deutsch für Euch (learn german with fun)
  2. Maddalena Denicola (her lectures are helpful to learn grammar)
  3. Smarter German (A1-Preview of German Grammar ,GRAMMAR SONGSPronunciation)

While reading, if you don’t understand the topic; searching on youtube always helps.


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Mobile Applications

(links given for android)

  1. Babbel (Useful at start A1 A2 level)
  2. Dulingo (Useful at start)
  3. Dictionaries (leo,
  4. Podcast Player (to run above said pod-casts and other news pod-casts)
  5. Memrise
  6. Swiftkey keyboard (For typing correct words, download German language)
(If you have information, share it via comment; it will be updated)

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  1. Neha says:

    Thanks for sharing. Very useful info.

  2. Viral Patel says: Android app is also very useful.
    Many German radios are available as online streaming in app
    I used to listen to it around 2 hours/day while doing C1

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