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Anne Frank Haus

Written on 08.10.2017: I have visited Anne Frank Haus, before two days, on this trip to Amsterdam. Her diary had been a driving force for the visit to the house, but it was a totally different experience. Although her diary...


When I write poems

When I write poems, I remember that moment, the one when we were reading love-poems together; and then you had asked, how beautiful those lovers might have been, how splendid their characters could have been, what inspired someone to write...


The articulations of my ardent mind #0

Posts related to my life and my experiences. I have always avoided this, even though I enjoy writing about it. Not only because of fear of puting a glimpse of my experiences and feelings out there open for other people to read...


Books for Learning German Language

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Types of Visa for Germany

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Preparation of documents for Berufserlaubnis / Approbation

Like, share and subscribe if it was helpful. Post your questions as comments on youtube. Important links. 1)Links and contacts of administrative Authorities 2) Example of application Form, Declarations and Health Certificate 3) Websites to prepare CV....


Baden-Württemberg – erforderliche Nachweis zur Beantragung der Approbation

Copied from :- FIA Freiburg International Academy fantastisch hier: FIA Freiburg International Academy. 25. Juni · Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg : ( Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen, gerne möchten wir eine erfreuliche Nachricht aus Baden-Württemberg veröffentlichen. Der zur Beantragung der Approbation...


Tipps und Hinweise – Fachsprachprüfung

  Copied from :- (   Tipps und Hinweise, die zum Bestehen der Fachsprachprüfung beitragen können ! Beginne nicht zu spät mit der Vorbereitung für die Fachsprachprüfung, sondern plane, je nach deinem aktuellen Kenntnissstand ausreichend Vorbereitungszeit ein Ernähre dich...



વાત તો એમ સાવ સીધી ને સરળ છે, લોચન તો એમના લાગણી થી સભર છે; જોતો હતો કેટલા પ્રેમથી હું એમને, જાણ્યું કે ઝંઝાવાતો ત્યાં કેટલાય અકળ છે. થયું કે ચાલ જાણું હું એમની મૂંઝવણો, કરવા દુર એમને, કરું હું...