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Again and again 0

Again and again

Again and again, I want to relive that moment; doing nothing, but sitting there with you. when the whole world was stopped, except my heart; when the silence was broken, only by my mind; when the desires were burned, with...

The articulations of my ardent mind #0 0

The articulations of my ardent mind #0

Posts related to my life and my experiences. I have always avoided this, even though I enjoy writing about it. Not only because of fear of puting a glimpse of my experiences and feelings out there open for other people to read...


Aankho main intzar ke badal baras gaye

hat I should say I don’t know; I never knew it. I have never gained any ability to talk with people about useless shit and make relations much stronger. I never had it even at the time when I used...


A moment before death

Memories have always tricked my mind: Sometimes, I want to remember some of them perfectly, but I fail; and when I want to forget some, their imprints become even stronger on my mind. Here I am, to tell you one...


My feelings for my feelings

(Words of a man to his love) Oh my beloved! Look at me, my soul. Don’t just listen to what I say. Look into my eyes and feel the truth, today. Look inside my heart and try to feel what...