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My Quora Answers #1

Read Tejas Ghetia's answer to Do doctors believe in God? Why? on Quora Read Tejas Ghetia's answer to Why didn't the family stand up in the theater while the Indian National Anthem was played? on Quora Read Tejas Ghetia's answer...


Should one be forced to stand-up for the national anthem?

What has happened? For those who don’t know… Read this or watch the video… Muslim family forced to leave theatre for not standing during national anthem   This is my response to following question asked on Quora. Why didn’t the...


Remember, remember! The fifth of November!

 “Remember, remember!   The fifth of November,     The Gunpowder treason and plot;     I know of no reason     Why the Gunpowder treason     Should ever be forgot!     Guy Fawkes and his companions...


Does healthcare need healing?

(Written when I had watched satyamev jayate episode on health care..) Just watched last episode of ‘Satyamev Jayte’- Bitter naked truth! Unfortunatly it is all true… I don’t know about the places about Amir talked… But I know about where...

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