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Official contacts to get advice on recognition of foreign medical qualifications in Germany

Advice on recognition of foreign medical qualifications in Germany There are many places that have the topic of “professional recognition of foreign qualifications” in their portfolio of counseling services, to show recognition and support to foreigners. Listed below are the most...


Doctor training (MBBS / medical under-graduation) in Germany

The study of human medicine is uniformly regulated throughout Germany by the Approbation (licensing) regulations for physicians – abbreviated ÄAppO (Approbationsordnung für Ärztinnen und Ärzte). The universities in Germany, which carry out a medical study, have created on this basis...


Job Seeker Visa – Why and when?

  This post will discuss a job seeker visa and process. I have experienced problems due to visa and wasted my months in turmoil and waiting. Job Seeker and other national visa When can I apply for jobseeker visa? If...



Here are the links… Open them, read and learn…. Four steps to beginning your medical residency in Germany Frequently asked questions by foreign physicians Germany Forum Rxpgonline ( sign up first) Procedure by Dr Deepak Mishra Requirements by Dr Deepak...

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