Syrian War Crisis

(At first I must say, this post only provide links to articles, videos and information to know the truth, rather than my views on this matter.)
A photo of three year old boy named Aylan Kurdi, lying dead and facing the sand on the Turkish beach, ignited the outrage against response of many countries about refugees. After the refusal of asylum in Canada, his family tried to flee in a boat that met with an accident and resulted in around 11 deaths.
Aylan Kurdi

Aylan Kurdi, 3 year child, became a part of madness called ‘war’.

What is this Syrian Civil war?

Unfortunately this civil war conflict had started even before Aylan was born, in March 2011.

Syrian Crisis may look like a civil war going on in a single country. First it started that way like anti Government demonstrations as a part of Arab Spring; but when you dive into the details of this war, then you will find Syria has became a battle ground for many countries and religious group for different purposes.

Which are the different groups and who is supporting whom?
It is a complicated list because each group has different principles, and just like any other war everyone is looking at their own benefit. (for more info.. click the links)
  • List of armed groups in the Syrian Civil War
    – Ba’athist Syria and allies (Syrian government forces, Russia, Iran, Lebanese Hezbollah)
    – Syrian Opposition (Sunni Islamism)
    – Kurdish self-administration and allies ( supported by Iraqi Kurdishtan)
    – Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and allies (ISIL)
  • other Foreign involvement in the Syrian Civil War
    – On September 22, 2014, the United States, UAE and some other countries started to target ISIL inside Syria

Syria has this internal conflict ground since last 4 years. Although it is far more complicated than it looks at first sight; this video gives proper important info within short time. It doesn’t give updated information (upload date: Apr 30, 2014); but it will give you proper idea, then watch next video that will give you updated info about current status of the armed forces.

Understanding the Syrian crisis in 5 minutes

Every Day of the Syrian and Iraqi Civil Wars
What are the effects of this war?

It has already killed more than 2.2 lac people, displaced more than 7.6 million people from their homes and 4 million shifted themselves to neighbor countries as refugees.
You can check UN Refugee agency website for details and data.

“Total economic loss since the start of the conflict until the end of 2014 is  estimated at USD  202.6  billion,  which  is  equivalent  to  almost  four  times  the  GDP  of  2010.”
Syrian Center for Policy Research

What is really going on the battlefield of war? Why people have to leave their own homes?
Because of ongoing war, cities have became battlefields; there is scarcity of food and medical supplies. Following videos dictate the situation.
Caution:- These videos contain horrific human deaths and violence. This is not added here to glorify violence but to show the detrimental effects of it. It should be used only for study and information purposes. Please watch it at your own risk.
Jihadists vs. the Assad Regime: Syria’s Rebel Advance
Syrian War – As It Happened – May 2015

Which countries are they fleeing to?

 Among this 4 million refugees, it is considered that nearly half of them are below 18 years old. Without proper visa and finances, they are not welcomed everywhere and often forced to go back to their country.  Most of them are mainly living with few supplies in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq etc..
Germany has opened the doors to those who seek asylum, I hope other developed countries will learn something from this.
Why no military intervention by other countries?
Although this is a discussion done in 2012, I think, it still holds a value and gives us insights about why all countries do not want to intervene in this fire.
 Angelina Jolie criticizes UN security council for paralysis over Syria. “We cannot look at Syria, and the evil that has arisen from the ashes of indecision, and think this is not the lowest point in the world’s inability to protect and defend the innocent,”
Syria conflict: BBC exclusive interview with President Bashar al-Assad (FULL)

Where can you help?
Spread the word. At least people should know that what is going on. May be if you can not help at present, you can spread the information to the people who can send help.

We wake up in the morning with a hope to do our daily work and contribute ourselves to make our world and humanity a better place. One person few days back told me, “it’s enough that I am not hurting someone or killing someone. This is not the destruction that I have done.” It’s good that a person is not doing a bad thing. But is it really enough, to become a spectator of this sabotage? When someone will be shooting me or forcing me out of my country or killing my relatives or destroying my country… Will i want to hear these words from other people ?

– TG

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