Estas Tonne – A guy with a guitar

A man, born in former Soviet Union, learned to play guitar when he was around eight then he dropped it for next eleven years.

Once in 2002, he decided to go New York to catch his dream to be a film maker and start a new life there. But it never happened, may be, because he was destined to do something different.
A friend gifted him a guitar which became a companion of him while walking on the streets of new York. There he met a street musician and his life again got attached with music.

Estas Tonne

Estas Tonne

With his unusual guitar style, he approached different places in world to learn different kind of music and to get newer experiences of life.
“Each of us are different, each of us carry a song, a sound of our soul. I didn’t try to be different by playing some sort of ‘different’ music. It just happened naturally and within this ‘being different’ is also the same as everything else.” says Estas Tonne in an interview.

I am sharing this post and few links because I want to share that meditative experience; as if his each song is like a new story unfolding and its each beat is a key to open newer doors of consciousness.


Estas Tonne – The Song of the Golden Dragon

Estas Tonne – Between Fire and Water

Internal Flight trailer

(my most favourite one)

Internal Flight (full guitar version)


(Thanks to Shrey Sonagara for wonderful recommendation)

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  1. virajraol says:

    simply amazing!!!
    Listened to all of them, and I was lost while listening…..

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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