Exploring the world

Exploring the world forces you to explore yourself. Travelling gives the experiences that changes your soul from its core. You go to a new place, meet new people, collect new experiences or ideas, and everything affects your soul, little by little. You have time to think about life and its existence, about the problems going on in this world, the sufferings of people in the corners of other countries; and then the realisation about triviality of your problems makes your soul and mind, so clear and pure, like never before.

Tejas Ghetia

Tejas Ghetia is a doctor by trade and a writer by heart. An introvert atheist. Having virtues of silence and observance. Enjoying each day with his full consciousness. Befriended with books and movies.Liberating himself with his adventures of literary and philosophical type! Captivated by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Osho, Kahlil Gibran, Richard Dawkins, Kafka, JKR etc.

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