Helpful Websites and Apps for a reader!

If you love reading books and articles, you should check out these sites and applications at least once.


  • WordPress (website, android)
    How can I forget the place where that you are visiting at this time! It can be useful to write and read blogs. Visit the site and follow new blogs that interest you. It would be my first choice over blogspot or tumbler.
  • Goodreads (website, android)
    Keep a track on books that you have, you already read or you want to read. Explore new books with recommendations from site. Get info about books that you need. Make new friends. A perfect social networking site for book readers.
  • Gutenberg (website)
    Largest and oldest digital library for public domain books. Download and read more than 48,000 free eBooks.
  • manybooks (website)
    Download thousands of eBooks, just like Gutenberg; but available in multiple formats, so that you can download the one that suits your reader
  • Librivox (website, android)
    Online library for public domain audio books.
  • Wattpad (website, android)
    Read stories, novels and poems online from different writers.
  • accelareader (website)
    A speed reading tool, that uses Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) to increase reading speed. It works! Saves a lot of time if you are reading large articles or books. More info.
  • bloxp (website)
    After finding an interesting blog, do you find it boring to click one after another post to read it? Convert a blog into eBook with this website, and read it on your book reader.


  • Google Dictionary (Extension)
    Are you tired of searching for meaning of the words from dictionary? Here is an extension to search them directly from browser without opening any website.
  • Stay focused (Extension)
    Can’t control yourself? This one will block the sites where you don’t want to spend time! You can adjust a specific amount of time for visiting some selected websites. And yah, it’s not like other extensions; once the time is over, you can not change setting of this extension and neither you can remove it. Best pill against social networking sites.
  • spreed (Extension)
    Just like accelareader. A speed reading tool. You can read articles and webpages more than your average human reading speed. It will save a great amount of time.
  • Readability (Extension)
    Makes web reading experience comfortable by removing distractions around article. (website and application are not that much good.)
  • Moon reader pro ( Free, Paid)
    Application to open books of any format. Enjoy reading experience nearer to a paper. Features are awesome for a mobile reader. ( New version has bugs and will take time to get fixed. Use 2.6.8 build 4; it works perfectly)
  • Evernote (website, android, PC)
    Write and arrange your notes. Synchronize automatically between your Computer, website account, mobile, tablet etc. and open them from anywhere, anytime you want with online and offline support.
  • Pocket (website, android)
    Save the article on pocket with one click to read it whenever you have time.
  • Feedly (website, android, extension)
    rss feed reader for the websites to follow newer posts. Good features, even without purchasing pro version.


  • calibre (Website)
    eBook manager for PC. It can manage books on your PC and devices. Convert them to a compatible format for the device that you connected. More info with demo.
  • Kindle paperwhite
    Words are not enough to describe its usefulness as a book reader. You can look at video and description provided by developers.

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