Sunset at Mount Abu

Here I am… Sitting on a rock at the sunset point, Mount Abu…

I don’t know whether I should capture this serene and soft atmosphere in my words or not. May be I am not sure. My consciousness wants to remember this scene forever and make its imprints into words of mine but may be my mind is afraid that my words may ruin its beauty… may be the part of beauty which I can never describe in words but still I can feel it and live it. ( Doesn’t our feelings and thoughts always outsmart our words?) I am not sure about which part of nature is more beautiful and making this determination in my mind. But still I am going to write these words. Not just words but a written representation of what my eyes will never forget.

After sitting on the higher point of a mountain-rock, I am observing nature. No talking to friends and not uttering a single word. Just silence and enjoyment.

This large flat land, far below my eyes, is covered with green color. Small and irregular fields and some parts filled with water enhances its beauty. I can not see exactly where this green smile of earth ends but still I can see a mountain range very far from me. The meeting point of mountains with this ground is obscured by haziness of the environment or may be it is due to clouds that are blocking the view. The whitish clouds are moving parallel to my eyesight and some may be below that plane. The sun, just above those mountains, is playing hide and seek using these clouds. The warmness of the sun goes away as soon as he hides behind a cloud. And suddenly I can realize the effect of this chilly wind. But with this realization, I can hear a song. A song of nature sung by leaves of trees. And also a fight of monkeys among the trees.

Sunset Point, Mount Abu

As the time goes on, the strength of wind is increasing and brightness of the sun is decreasing. The sun is slowly going down and the clouds are decreasing in number. The sky is changing colors with the setting sun and making beautiful sky patterns. The color of sky is changing from blueish to yellow and then orange and reddish orange. But it is just for a short time. And then the sun slowly changes to a red colored round and starts hiding behind one of those mountains. A slowly decaying sun at last disappears, but not its light. The light decreases some time after it and also the visibility of the fields. The wind has started to show its profound effects. At last the light of the sun died to rebirth on next day.

Sunset, Mount Abu

Tejas Ghetia

Tejas Ghetia is a doctor by trade and a writer by heart. An introvert atheist. Having virtues of silence and observance. Enjoying each day with his full consciousness. Befriended with books and movies.Liberating himself with his adventures of literary and philosophical type! Captivated by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Osho, Kahlil Gibran, Richard Dawkins, Kafka, JKR etc.

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