Naham Janami Song Lyrics (Ship Of Theseus)

Naham Janami Song

Naham Janami Song Lyrics

There are no celestial beings I know of.
There is no god.
Neither heaven, nor hell.
Neither a preserver, nor an owner of this universe.
Neither a creator nor a destroyer.
No eternal judge.
There is only the law of causality.
I take responsibility for my actions and their consequences.
The smallest of creatures have a life-force just like mine.
May I always have such compassion.
May I never cause any harm to anybody.
The truth is multi-faceted, and there are many ways to reach it.
May I find balance in this duality.
I pray, may my karma of ignorance be shed.
May my true self be liberated from the cycle of life and death.
And attain moksha.

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Thoughtful. Excellent.


A  different unsighted wave in Bollywood.

Must watch.


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  1. anand says:

    who wrote this song – naham janami ? its beautiful..

  2. Does anyone know what the term “Naham Janami” itself means?

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