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Aankho main intzar ke badal baras gaye

hat I should say I don’t know; I never knew it. I have never gained any ability to talk with people about useless shit and make relations much stronger. I never had it even at the time when I used...


Six Feet Under

“You are allowed to be scared. Life is scary. It’s fucking terrifying.” – from SIX FEET UNDER I feel like helpless and fucked up because this TV series ended. Seriously, I miss it. I miss Fishers; especially, Nate’s life and...


Quote #2

A book is just like a life. A soul. Many memories are embraced in it. Memories of people; memories of thoughts and actions; memories of likes and dislikes. Many people have remained alive for ages through their writings. They have...


My feelings for my feelings

(Words of a man to his love) Oh my beloved! Look at me, my soul. Don’t just listen to what I say. Look into my eyes and feel the truth, today. Look inside my heart and try to feel what...

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